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August 14, 2008

You’re a Writer?

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When I first announced at work that I was leaving to become a writer, you can only imagine the list of incredulous responses I received. I knew that most of them were fear based and reactions about their insecurities; nothing to do with my decisions. At the time, I was on a six month sabbatical, but now realize I could not easily or willingly enter the corporate world again.

I made it a mission to confidently look at others when asked ‘what I did” and tell them that I was a writer. Similar in ways to being an artist – there is a physical evidence required to prove what you do – especially now with the advent of the internet and personal websites. Insincere ex colleagues are easily caught out if they ask how your writing is going each time you see them and have not bothered to log on or to subscribe to your feedburner. Unlike announcing that you are an actor – where you can hide easily behind part time jobs in hospitality (where by you aren’t physically producing something every day – like a blog or articles, or a book – an upcoming actor at times can go through months or years of auditions without gaining a role – so no PHYSICAL evidence of thier craft – and unless they are activly honing those skills by attending workshops, voice lessons etc, it is easy to say you are one thing and actually just hiding…), being a writer requires a daily honing of skills and a demonstration of your product. My family took my announcement in their usual stoic attitude; for they had endured my pursuit in acting and had said nothing with my years motorcycling and traveling around Europe.

One of the first things I did when I shifted focus “on what I do” was to get some business cards made up which announce my profession as writer and thaumaturg. As most writers appreciate, there is an immense power with the written word, once committed. The key is to accept your creative role and be comfortable with the space you are in as a writer. Once taped into the flow, storylines, characters and entire manuscripts thrust themselves at you, demanding to be formed under your fingertips. Every café visit, shopping trip or social interaction uncovers new characters, new plots and new angles for the writer to explore.

When you announce that you are a writer – no matter the social context, I find that there are only a few responses that you will get. Again, each are reactions to that persons personal fears and not a reaction about you.

  • “Oh I have always wanted to write a book you know. I have one all planned out. But just haven’t had time to get it down.”
  • “Really, but what do you do for a proper job?” ( where even short people look down their nose at me and sneer in disbelief)
  • “What book are you writing? I have an idea on a book – maybe you can write it with me”…( insert incessant chatter with no room to reply, so you nod your head till its polite to escape)

  • “Oh, I’d love to write –but I could never do that. Its just too hard. I’d need to have… to be…. “(insert incessant chatter and excuses on how impossible it is being a writer, with no room to reply, so you nod your head till its polite to escape)

And the funniest thing is , that hardly if ever, do anyone ask what a thaumaturg is. It’s a word I remember my husband using many years back and I liked it. It simply means a miracle worker. What mother isn’t a worker of miracles – a magic user, a creator of wonder, a writer?

oh and before i get the hate mail…..And yes- I have hidden behind hospitality and other part time jobs, waiting for that big break; along with many talented wonderful actors and performers – feeding on each others misery and jubilation at each audition we attended – so I write this from personal experience. I am sure anyone who has pursued a passion in acting or as a musician will recognize others in thier circle who have hidden in this way in the past – I am honest enough to say that I sure did.


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  1. I love that word and I feel it too. Good luck with the writing, I like your expression.


    Comment by girligorgeous — August 14, 2008 @ 4:15 pm | Reply

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