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January 13, 2009

Writing Goals and Anthology

One of my writing goals this year is to compile an anthology of my twelve best stories written in 2008. These were published over on my blogspot site here.

For a start, this was a throw away comment which grew horns and ran away with me.. as most of the things I am involved with wont to do… plus it’s not just my stories – I’m pitching in with my collaborators Jodi and Paul. We will be publishing an anthology of our own stories and then have a collective of twelve – four each as a separate book.

But that’s beside the point. The main point is, I have announced it to all and set the date… now it HAS to happen. Intersperesed with other bits and bobs, I am editing away and I expect the anthology will be available to buy by the end of February from each of our sites. Given I have an alarming amount of websites and projects, I have just made a new website of my own – just as a base point for all of them. see  Annies Site

So why do this?

Why not?
• Self publishing is cheap – I have access to the programs ( thanks Jodi) , the expertise ( still working on that concept) and the material. It makes sense for a bunch of reasons.
• Especially as traditional publishing opportunities are becoming rarer – this may be the only way an emerging writer can have their work seen. I also believe that we new writers need to embrace the new technology and work with it otherwise we’re going to be left behind.
• As a past careers coach, I can say with all honesty – if you don’t start on a path – then you won’t ever get there. Even if its voluntary work – If you have your heart set on being or doing something – you need to have it on your resume. This is the same with writing – if I have a history of published works, articles etc, not only can I take myself more seriously , but others will too.
• I have a heap of uneditied, gemstones on my blog – Without this anthology these stories would simply be gathering virtual dust – which does not honour the time and effort I put into them. If I do nothing with them, I am sending a message to the universe that I do not value the gift I have.
• I actually could make some money out of this – so can say hand on heart – that I am a paid writer.

So the plan is will be to package it up as a downloadable ebook and market it through the Buy Australian Books site – as well as our own sites – using paypal for payment.

Cost? Our time…

The downside in all of this is that I’m going to be removing the stories that have appeared on my blog as first drafts. Before the end of the month I will remove them, replacing them with a quick explanation and (once the anthology is ready) a link to where you can buy it.

Obviously too, the stories are being edited and some – totally ripped to shreds; barely recognizable from its first draft.

My twelve stories are:

1. Message in Time

2. Drunk on Expectations

3. The Assignment

4. Scars and spiderwebs

5. Woven Sensuality

6. The toss of a coin

7. Marching to different drum

8. I can’t breathe

9. Vodoo Cowboy

10. Wish you were here.

11. Firebug

12. Dangers First brush

13. No Laughing Matter

Its not clear yet which four of these will be in the collective anthology – I am leaving that up to Paul and Jodi.

So, if you still want to read them for free, the clock is ticking – so check them out on my fiction site beofre its too late.

Do you have a collection of short stories doing nothing big? What are you planning to do with them?


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