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February 9, 2009

The Power of Blog

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Recently I was introduced to a blog of an incredible mother who after three bouts of cancer has been sent home as there is little else they can do. Its difficult to read it with out tears running down your face. She brought up a very interesting question in her matter of fact manner; a term she and her friend coined a few years ago at a conference. The power of blog. This is like a power of attorney – only it’s the power over your blog, should you die.

The more you think about this, the more sense it makes. Most often our partners and family members have little idea about how to even log onto your website, blogger or wordpress, much less post an item – even if it were a short note to say you were dead.

The internet has brought the world in general a lot closer – in some cases into your lounge room – with some blogger and writers knowing more about other bloggers than they do family members. The sudden disappearance of a regular posts from a favoured writer is concerning to fans and folk who drop by, however in many cases, no personal information such as alternate email is available for people to contact that writer. On a more serious note, many blogs have income streams attached to it and obviously the estate should benefit and continue this project.

I’d like to thank Lisa and Karl for their views on this word and to acknowledge that it is their term that they have coined.

So when putting information together for your affairs, remember to also appoint someone the Power of Blog and to leave your passwords for those who will be involved. It may sound really morbid – but you might even like to write a short note to be pubished on the even tof your death.  Seriously – do you want some dreadful photo of you that you hate to be used on your site?

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