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February 12, 2009

Whats your Genre?

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I think its important for any writer to go outside their own genre and not only experience ( by reading it) but experiment their craft by writing in that genre – even if its for a very short story.

Paul – over on his blog this week talks about trying to pidgenhole a writer into a genre – concluding that its very difficult to do so as we all have influences and smidges of all types of writing styles within your work. I describe my work as an eclectic style… how about you?

In case you have lived under a rock or refuse to look down this genres isle in the book store, you would know the brand of Harlequin as one of the more readable romance novels. I say that as although I have not wildy read the genre, I have been attracted to this brand as they have a focus on historical romances – which are more fantasy than anything else – but never the less – an enjoyable escape for the afternoon.

When I first started out producing short stories, I came across an online dating website asking for romance type submissions for their fiction corner. It was a struggle at first for me to think of out of the box or original plotlines and not to fall into clichés; however – just like reading it – it’s a bit of writers cotton candy for the brain and an indulgence to escape into this genre.

Surprisingly Harliquin are turning 60 this year and in celebration are offering free downloads of 16 full-length romance novels in e-book format. So – if you have never ventured into this area, its not even going to cost you any money to peek at it… Readers may choose from:

• Tender romances

• Suspenseful adventures

• Heartwarming stories

• Tales of passion

• and many more ( can’t imagine what that may entail – but it sounds juicy!!)

Harlequin invites you to download, read, and share any or all of the 16 books – which I think is mighty kind of them…. Click over to Harlequin Celebrates (Each file is available in four formats: MS Reader, eReader, .pdf, and ePub.)

Enjoy your Fairyfloss ( Cotton Candy) for the Brain…

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  1. Hahahah I haven’t read a romance novel in years! Thanks Annie 😉


    Comment by Bek Caesar — February 13, 2009 @ 6:11 pm | Reply

  2. Only read “Homespun Bride” if you like slow-moving books with multiple reminders that she has a ‘heart-shaped’ face and emerald eyes and he has a baritone voice.

    Don’t get me wrong, slow-moving romances are one thing; slow-moving books are another and repetitive phrasing is a death-knell. I also got tired of “pennants snapping in the wind” and “in the way of the wolf” in David Eddings’ books.


    Comment by Laetitia — February 14, 2009 @ 10:14 am | Reply

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