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April 30, 2009

My Writing Goals 2009 – progress

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Jodi and Paul have shamed me in their consistency and drive with taking responsibility for the published goals they have on their blogs. I had assumed that I had also posted mine – but upon searching blushed and realized that I had only announce the titles of the stories I would be editing and putting in the anthology and spoke then briefly behind the motivation to do that – here. I had actually written a set of specific WRITING goals – so might as well set them up publicly…

Anthology 2008 – a set of 12 of what I consider my best short stories I wrote in 2008

This was meant to be edited and ready to layout by the end of April.. and ummm its today.. and I have edited and sent off for review 7 of my stories.

Get a regular writing gig either print or internet

I should have elaborated and asked for a paid writing gig… but as it turns out – I have two – Type A Mom and Write Anything – thrilled and terrified all at the same time. Got both of these within a fortnight of setting the intention.

Focus on building Reclaim

Looking at getting it printed in ‘real book’ format and only this week have been booked for 3 speaking engagements.. ( yay) about it. Jodi and I spent a day nutting out re-editing and layout – lots of work ahead of me./us

Fiction Friday every week

Have done this consistently – I think I have missed one prompt this year.

Enter 4 short story comps this year.

Its April.. and I haven’t entered one.

Attend Byron Writers Festival as well as at least 2 professional development workshops

Booked and paid for the festival tickets and accom a bout a month ago. Have attended a short story workshop which ROCKED. Not yet booked or seen another that grabs me yet..

Read one book a month

Totally failed the first two months – who the heck has time to sit and read a book? Read the Time Travellors Wife and Bawled the whole time. Read the Entire Twilight series in four days – this week.  I think I have caught up.

Participate and complete NaNoWriMo

Five Months and counting… no idea what I am going to write yet…

So some good – some need focusing….. and this is just my writing goals…who the heck has time to sleep ? – I have so many things to do between health, family, fitness, my website stuff, relationships…phew……

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