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June 26, 2009

The Death of Michael Jackson

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I am certain that for years after, people will remember the place in which they heard of Micheal Jacksons death. It seems unbelievable that he dead. Though I would never have classed myself as an avid fan, I was moved by his early work – Smooth Criminal, Thriller, Beat It. Where would your teenage years be without those hits reverberating?

There is a billion blog posts already about his death, was he murdered? Has he been taken away by aliens? And the rest of the stupid speculation which has surrounded his life.

There is no doubt that he was a strange fellow, caught in a world which could not understand his passion, his meticulous training and perfection to his dance movements and music. I can’t really comment on his personal life – the media blows out any tiny detail ,but I am sure he had a stack of personal issues he struggled with and dealt with them in the best way he knew.

Although I don’t own a best of , tomorrow, I will go and buy one. Personal issues and lifestyle , the man was a magician with his music, tapping into a life beat of a generation. I am saddened of his passing and hope that the future is gentle with his history.

Where does this leave a writer and how does it affect our media? Passion, being driven by a desire to share ones art – there is the link. He was unafraid of expressing himself and perhaps that is something we as writers can take away from this.

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