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August 1, 2009

July Writing Goals

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Given I have been away from the internet for nearly 3 weeks and not opened my laptop for nearlt that amount of time – not a great deal has changed since last check in.

Anthology 2008
– No further forward with this project as I feel too much to learn to format and get stories into printable shape.  Bamboozalled by the amount of info out there on programs which say they can do this for you. Clueless on how to start.

Get a regular writing gig either print or internet

Still writing weekly for Type A Mom and Write Anything.

handling-pain-in-childbirth is my first monthly article published on Orgasmic Birth ( Debra site in the USA)

My next challenge is to find roles which actually pay me..

Focus on building Reclaim

Nothing looked at in this space this month.

Fiction Friday every week
Have kept posting every week and have been thankful for the amount of notice we now get for the prompts (rather than 24 hours notice – now the prompts are up for the month)  I was able to write and schedule  my stories up while I was out of the loop.

I have also given myself a new target of giving quality constructive criticism to the participants of FF. I have been late ( no internet) in actually posting my feedback and some weeks entries have taken me hours to read and consider – but I have commented on everyones story this month and hopefully given some value in my views.

Enter 4 short story comps this year.
I have extended this a little – and am going to include submissions to editors/ magazines etc. I submitted a short story to QCG  – a womens magazine focused on the more mature women – rather than stick thin ones. No feedback yet.

After nearly a year of hiding, polite and chatty emails between Geoff and I ( Sonny Whitelaw introduced me to him and gave me a glowing report to him after I had done a workshop with her last year.) I finally submitted two of my spec fic short stories to him. I was nearly sick as soon as I pressed ‘send’ on the email and as I waited for a reply – believing it would be weeks before he even got back to me ( he’s got a new book out and a new business so knew he’d be flat out). I am not unhappy with the feedback as it was fair and unbiased and I thanked him profusely for taking the time to assist and guide me.  I know he gave me a lot of time and consideration all due to what Sonny had said about me – and it was from that introduction which I put pressure on myself to live up to the standard she had seen in me and I still am unable to find.  Suffice to say the two stories I submitted will not be featuring ( or otherwise) in the next magazine Geoff edits – but it has given me a direction to submit elsewhere and keep writing.

I have also been struggling with editing 2008s  NaNo project – I had planned to post each first draft chapter up on a weekly basis.  I got to chapter 8 and stopped – just too busy with other things and disenchanted with the whole process.  I had planned to reignite my editing and start posting again – but have now decided to submit a few chapters to a few places. for one are looking for new novellas to publish.  My reasoning is that it might as well be submitted rather than gather virtual dust – which sadly is its fate if I don’t do something soon.

Attend Byron Writers Festival as well as at least 2 professional development workshops
Looking forward to the Byron Festival – a week away.  I have booked into Writers Nuts and Bolts – which happens to be the day before the festival – but separate to it.  Its a basic – how to and what to do when starting out writing.  I think I need to visit this space again… I obviously am missing huge chunks in knowledge.

Read one book a month

No reading this month. I bought the latest Wilbur Smith tome – and I am a die hard – collect every book he has written, read them a bezillion times – type fan. I have not even opened the covers.  With hours of plane flights and days of hospitalization, I brought along a few different books to read – which lay beside my table unopened.  I fear I have lost my love of reading… seriously.

Participate and complete NaNoWriMo

Have a clear indication that I will do a series of interconnected short stories for NaNo – all my nightmares. I am strangely looking forward to it.


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