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September 16, 2009

Reflective Writing

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We write for a myriad of reasons; a story or character that compels us to share it with others, a act of social justice, self expression or as a journey of self discovery. Writing for reflection, be it in a public format or as a private journal is similar to meditation in that it gives us the opportunity to hear the deepest desires of our souls as we express ourselves outwardly. Along with many other techniques serves as an important piece within the writers toolbox.

Journaling opens the door to one’s soul, giving rise to self-discovery and empowerment. It also allows us to see our situations in black and white and in some cases, once committed to a page, these issues either resolve themselves or appear a lot less traumatic or troublesome than they were when we held them in our heads. Journaling also provides us with an opportunity to question ourselves more deeply than we may ever have experienced before. These answers may then give us inspiration – or further pondering on which to base a character or write and article on.

Reflective writing gives us the ability to keep in touch with our honest feelings, to explore without judgment our desires and gives us a sense of intimacy with the mysterious movement and process of living.

Journaling or reflective writing can be approached in a number of ways, dependant up on your outcome. Many people prefer to keep it in a private format and for this reason rely on pen and paper to capture thoughts. Commit to reflection as a ritual to your writing day and begin by writing without editing your thoughts or direction for five mins. More often than not this time will be stretched outward and like any skill, you will become more at ease with it. Finish when you believe the piece to be finished. For other writers, who, like myself, prefer to commit thoughts through they keyboard, you may like to set up a private blog or a alternate identity to express yourself.

As you reflect each day things will become clearer, with patterns in your life emerging and memories resurface. In turn, these memories or patterns may give you inspiration for other writing projects, or simply serve as a piece to your psyche puzzle. If you are fortunate enough to have kept a diary from when you were younger, you may see that no matter how mundane or silly you believe the entry to have been, you chose to write about it or the way you felt about an event for a reason. These small incidences helped form who you are now and can act as a bridge between yourself and the much younger, innocent self.

As we turn our attention inwards, it allows us to heal our souls and reflect on life, understand ourselves better, heal our pain, find our purpose, and put our goals and intentions out to the Universe. You may even be gifted a storyline from these revelations which sings not only to your soul, but to countless others.

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