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September 30, 2009

My Writing Goals Sept 2009

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Get a regular writing gig either print or internet

Still writing weekly for Type A Mom and Write Anything. Although with Type A Mom, they have dropped the commitment to submissions once a month, I have kept mine to weekly to keep in the flow of doing it and will review what I am actually submitting so that I can use them for my childrens learning ebook for next year. Fiction Friday every week I have submitted every week this month and critiqued most other peoples submissions each week as well. I’ll always critique and comment on someone elses story if they have done mine and then I’ll begin to work through the list of others each week.. It’s a little disheartening not to have this reciprocated, but something that I’ll keep doing probably every fortnight. I’ve continued with my self challenge of writing in a different genre each week – some not so successful. Last weeks forced me to read a type, I’d never looked at before – Barbara Cartland style romance. It was very melodramatic and fun to write actually ( despite the gagging clichéd one liners)

Enter 4 short story comps this year.

This month has really gotten away with me and I just haven’t looked into any comps.

Attend Byron Writers Festival as well as at least 2 professional development workshops

I think I have more than ticked this goal off – having now been to both Brisbane and Byron Writers Festivals, to a short story weekend workshop and now about to do a Rowlands seminar. Firstly – the Brisbane Writers Festival was a very different animal to the Byron one. It was set amongst a number of venues across the city – though the main ones were within the arts complex at Southbank. Unlike the Byron one, there were many free workshops/ seminars anyone could walk into with the same amount of ticketed events – ranging from $30 – $70 for an hours seminar. What this meant was that if you wanted to get into one of the free ones, you needed to line up about half an hour before the doors opened to be guaranteed a seat. This was a bit of a drag as I had filled my two days up back to back with the things I’d like to go to. I missed out on only a few things but found other interesting authors to listen to. One of the better ones was a panel of scientists and science fiction writers talking about the direction of the genre and real science. One of the sessions I stumbled on (after missing out on one I’d wanted to see) was a romance writers panel. Really interesting stuff on researching past century life and society in order to include this in the storyline. Again, I took copious notes and hope to include some of these findings in my Write Anything columns over the next few months.

I received an email from a guy called Micheal Rowlands earlier this month. No doubt he’d bought a list of writers names and details from either the writers festival of the Queensland writers group – I’ve no false pretenses that he simply came across my work and was prompted to contact me ( what a laugh!!!) in any case, his sales technique was gentle and compelling – I followed the prompts and was very interested in what his product – a self guided set of seminars – 8 sessions to improve your writing and submission techniques. I was really surprised when a few days later he called me. We spoke at length for over an hour and again I was really impressed with what he had to offer. ‘Absolute Happiness’ is a national best seller (85,000 copies in Australia) Michael was highly successful in the Australian film and television industry and he has worked on a number of films and TV documentaries, dramas and feature films. I dished out cold hard cash to buy his program, have downloaded the workbooks and the MP3 files and have got as far as reading the first two pages of the first lesson. It looks full on – which is great – and I know I need to commit regular time to do this- but again – this month has really gotten away from me and I just haven’t.. SO – next month – I’ll start…

Read one book a month

Got in two this month.

One of my readers put the challenge to me to write a Barbara Cartland style romance for the next FF. I’d never read one of her books – so had to go to the library and grab the first one, devour it and then think about how to attack my storyline. It was a welcome escape I have to guiltily admit – but completely ludicrous and shallow. She is masterful in injecting passion without the smut and for that I have to dip my hat to her skill. I believe that most of her books only have the characters kissing in the last few pages and most certainly nothing else!!

One of the speakers I specifically went to listen to was Jeff Lindsay – the author of the Dexter series. He and another author spoke about how to murder people on the page. I’d never seen Dexter on telly nor read his books – so after being inspired by what he had to say, went to the library and got one of his first ones. It was an easy read with the voice of Dexter uncomfortably close. I’m not sure if this book was indicative of the others in the series, but Jeff was careful not to describe the murder or torture scenes – only hinting on the horror. I am sure its because I have had Dante close on a number of occasions, but in stead of being nervous or edgy about the book, it felt a little hollow and I felt cheated of details. Given how intriguing he was in person, I’ll look for another of his books before making a decision on his style all together.

Participate and complete NaNoWriMo

Its coming up nice and close and now I am unsure to what I will be writing. My non fiction – Dads Dealing with Daughters has been calling me – Although I have a fair bit of research done, I feel I have a bunch of research still to do with this – more surveys and interviews I had wanted to do…. Perhaps I just need to get in and do it.. and plug the holes afterwards??

Not feeling particualry inspired at the moment. Lonely and isolated in a humdrum suburban existance


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