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October 5, 2009

Aussie Writing Competition

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With so many writing competitions focused in the US and Europe, its a delight to have found a site focusing on the Australian market and to encourage the talent we have here. The site is called “A Writer goes on a journey – an exploration into yourself.”

The site itself is three years old and like many of us, undergone some major renos with its looks; resulting in a very slick and professional layout and easily navigable toolbar. From the very quick scout round of the articles and info I saw, its certainly a site to keep an eye on and to be involved with.

To celebrate their brand new good looks, they are running some writing comps – one for folk who like to write reviews and one for folk who like to write flash fiction. With fame and fortune ( well maybe not so much the fortune) offered to winners – if you are an Aussie Writer looking for a local comp and networking opportunities – you’d be mad not to get involved.

For expediency sake, I have copy and pasted the basic info about the comps below – with links to the site underneath.  All the best if you do enter…. now…. I need to go and dust off some short stories and start editing them up…  good luck!!

Submission dates 22nd September – 22nd October 2009

The Prizes

Review Prize Pack:

Astropolis by Sean Williams
The Workers Paradise, edited by Russell B Farr and Nick Evans

Flash Prize Pack:

Dreaming Again Anthology, edited by Jack Dann
The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan


The Comps


* You can review any speculative fiction (YA or adult) novel/novella, anthology, movie, TV series or a non-fiction book (could be something related to writing or history that could inspire writers)
* Reviews of books or movies must be between 300-500 words, in plain form (no headings or questions and answers). TV series reviews can be longer if necessary.
* For fiction: characterisation, plot, description, comparison to other’s in the genre, who would it appeal to?
* For non-fiction: is it easy for the layperson to understand or do you need some basic understanding of something? What is it about? Would it be useful to writers or is it just interesting?
* Each accepted submission will go in the draw to win that specific book pack for the week

How to enter: Can be member of the site or guest. Go to this page to submit.


Flash Fiction/News Flash:

* Theme: 500 words or less written in the style of a newspaper article complete with headline. Story must be Australian oriented with a speculative fiction element. Stories should intrigue more than illuminate.
* Stories will be posted online for the entire competition (and longer if you give us the rights)
* Stories will be peer-judged by a 5 star rating on top of each submission. Any member or guest can rate. The winner will be decided by the highest number based on (number of votes) x (average rating).
* Our resident editor, Phillip Berrie has written an example news flash that fits the brief.

How to enter: Must be member of the site. Go to this page and under Section, select Competition, under Category, select Flash Fiction – just follow the prompts from there.


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