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October 30, 2009

My Writing Goals Oct

I have no idea where this month has gone… or how close NaNo truly is now.

Get a regular writing gig either print or internet

You know, after all the self development work I’ve done and read, you’d think that I’d have it clear in my head the right way to set intentions and ensure they have clarity.  Nup. All this year, I’ve been whining about getting paid work in print or on the internet for my writing.  Not once did I specify what sort of writing, nor did I have a time frame or any other details about it.  The universe delivers what you ask for – just sometimes its not what you thought you asked for.
A friend whose workmate from about 10 years ago had started a training company asked if she knew anyone who writes and would like a contract…I contacted this person and within a week was sitting in front of the directors with my resume in hand… and now (tonight) have been sent my first writing job.
TLC is, as I said, a training company – it delivers online courses in both diplomas and certificates ( in line with aust educational standards) in childcare, business, aged care, food and first aid. Basically they have unit outlines and needed writers to write the “textbooks” or learning guides which are sent to students… which is where I come in. As part of the work, I need to ensure there are assessment opportunities and linking to practical work as the student progresses.   As an ex-teacher, its fairly basic stuff in so much as its stuff that I’ve done before when writing curriculum – just some research and thought into creatively presenting it. It’s on a contract basis – and only for a short time- probably for the next 2 months or so especially as they have students waiting for the material as soon as its done.
Full attribution is given to the writers at the front of the books (which is kind of nice) and the pay is fairly ok ( hell fantastic given I get paid NOTHING at the moment) they suggest a unit takes around 40 hours or so to write/research/ edit and its expected that the booklet is around 70 pages long.  For this you get paid $1000.  Its something I can do at home, in my own time – so perfect!
I think next time, I’ll be reframing my intentions to where the paid work comes from.. but for now am pretty pleased.  I’ll be invoicing the work through Adrian’s company and will use whatever money I earn towards paying the company back for my new apple mac.

On another note about writing – Type A Mom has changed their google adwords policy – so now instead of getting .000001c every whatever, I’ll get .000002c… or whatever.. groan…. Am not planning to get rich from writing for that site.. however, am starting to collect articles to be put into an ebook on self defence tips.  I’ll be leaving the editing etc till the new year for this one… have FAR too much work on to do it now.

Fiction Friday every week

I have submitted every week this month ( one week there wasn’t one due to NaNo prep)
I’ve continued with my self challenge of writing in a different genre each week, so it gives me some incentive to read other styles and research things.

Enter 4 short story comps this year.

I suck.  I just haven’t looked at comps this month. Got to enter 2 more before end of year.. pressure is on.

Read one book a month

Got in three this month.

Breath  by Tim Winton – Both at Byron and Brisbane Wrtiers Festivals, the author Tim Winton had been mentioned numerously. I’m not afraid to say I’d never heard of him till then – just shows how disconnected I’ve been with current writing. I read Breath and was literally gobsmacked. It’s the story of two lads in 70s with the ferocity of the environment behind them the surf scene and the testosterone fueled angst of teenage years. Incredible ability to mirror theme in so many angles and evoke such emotion in a number of ways.
Essays by Issac Asimov – just getting into some thought processes behind science fiction, the progression and development of the genre through the ages and clarity on the effect it has on human kind.  Was both entertained and educated with reading these.  What a remarkable and witty gentleman he must have been to listen to.
Short story Collection – Nebula Award form 1974 ( Best Science Fiction Short Stories)  Old style Sci Fi with newer style ones integrating fantasy and a little softer styles. Some stunning entries in this edition.

Participate and complete NaNoWriMo

This is my second NaNo and I now have come to appreciate all of the in-jokes and after re-reading Karens ( from Write Anything) Workshops and other information to prepare for it, shake my head and smile at how wide eyed and ‘innocent’ I was last year. I am unsure if where I am now is a better place though and long for that innocence – that unknowing of what its all about. There were days last year I roared through the

chapter and did more than the ‘alloted’ number, there were days I struggled and it was like pulling teeth to reach it.
I won’t lie – I was extremely proud to have ‘won’ and like Paul in his post last week,  annoyed at those who put it down or discredit what NaNo is all about…. to write… for the sheer love of it… perhaps it will be published down the track , perhaps it just needed to be written.. no matter – its the act which is celebrated.

This year I am in a quandary (still) as to what to write – I have two fictional plots, and several characters desperate to air their views within them, as well as a non fiction piece which has been hanging round for literally years begging me to start to write it.  I’m also concerned as I have this writing job….can I actually write that AND my novel??  Will I ever actually get sleep in Nov?

I’m stressing …… last year I was very organized – done a lot of characterization research etc, this year… a few scant notes on each project.

I have, however mapped my month out with realistic days I can write. .. its 16.. nearly half a month….thats 3125 words a day….With a major milestone birthday (and its subsequent celebrations and family holiday where I am banned from taking even a pencil) as well as a milestone wedding anniversary( bla bla bla) I could be forgiven by some to say – sod it – don’t enter this year – its not worth it…. but now – as Paul said.. its a goal – not a target, I have 16 days dedicated to writing (at least one) of these manuscripts. I shall honour at at least with my best efforts and fullest of hearts

Attend Byron Writers Festival as well as at least 2 professional development workshops

I reckon this is kicked down – looking forward to next years round… maybe I can travel to some other places – other than Byron and Bris??


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