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December 1, 2009

November Goals

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This month has been – to put it bluntly – crap as a writing month – so full of pressure, very little sleep and little love in the words.
I’ve completed my first unit of paid work and awaiting the final ok from the client and see if I continue or not.

Participate and complete NaNoWriMo

I’m drained and feel hollow now that NaNo is over. Last years ‘win’ was celebrated with laughter and a drink – this years was a desperate time dependent exercise on a subject area I grew to despise and wanted to bring in the traveling shovel of death so many times…… I think I might just have to in my own personal copy of my work.
lessons learnt

writing non fiction for NaNo sucks big time.

– inhuman effort to get 50K in in 20 days near destroyed the fragile harmony in our house. It will not be repeated – or there will be the sounds of many feet leaving.

– writing for 48 hours straight doesn’t produce worthy text… you start to dribble..

– you have to love love love your subject area

– you need 30 days … next year – I simply will not do it if I cannot give it 30 days.

Get a regular writing gig either print or internet
An update on my google adwords account – the way editors from Type A Mom get paid – for a whole year – thats 1 article per week.. drum roll please – I have $9.35. hold me back. However, in saying all of this – I will keep writing for type A mom – as it gives me momentum to explore themes in non fiction which I eventually want to turn into either books or ebooks… At least if they are written down, its a start toward editing them in some sort of shape.

Fiction Friday every week
I missed two weeks of November – simply as I was away and no access to Hamish ( my Mac) or the internet.
Enter 4 short story comps this year.
I suck. I am so despondent about my ability to compete against others, i don’t even want to submit… and then comes the evil little voices telling me to just give in all together.

Read one book a month
I had 10 days away from the internet and writing – so I read a Clive Custler book ( bring back Dirk! the new characters stink) and another Dexter book.

Attend Byron Writers Festival as well as at least 2 professional development workshops
I reckon this is kicked down – looking forward to next years round… maybe I can travel to some other places – other than Byron and Bris?? The new yearly plan is out and there are SO many workshops I want to go to. Funding is the main issue now. Adrian has put his foot down and I must now make money out of writing if I want to go to these things.


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