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March 5, 2010

Getting Paid to Write.

This Article First Appeared over at Write Anything.

Most of the writers who frequent these pages will be aware of the passion in writing the regular columnists hold with their path in being a writer. For most of us we write because we must; it’s a compelling need to share and explore ideas, characters, scenes and settings. Even the most supportive partner though, comes to the point where they tire of being a Patron of the Arts and ask the question which strikes dread into the heart of even the most hardened writer – “When will you get an actual paid job writing?”

A Piggy bank (penny bank/money box)

As much as I would love to earn a living (errrmm… earn anything) with my writing; I was doubtful there were many avenues open to a ‘normal’ writer such as myself. Upon some research though, I have dug up these opportunities, which I thought I might share with readers.

Blogging or Article Writing

There are a number of large sites out there who purport to pay you to blog – or submit articles to their site – and you then gain a small payment ( note the ‘SMALL’… because it is… very). Many of these sites use a variant of “pay per click through” – where with every logged visitor who then clicks through on an advertisement displayed near your entry, your account will be credited a few cents. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to quickly work out that the traffic required to make any sort of money this way is enormous and fairly unlikely to occur quickly. However, in saying all of this – if your outcome is to maintain a profile outside of your own website and to have links back to you, then this may be an avenue you’d like to pursue.

A few sites who pay this way are:
Foodie Mama – pays mothers who love to cook to share recipes and tips with Adsense.
Article Income – covers a broad spectrum of interests
Constant-content as the name suggests – articles of interest and good content. – write articles on… how to…..(whatever your interest or specialty knowledge may lay) earning are 50% of the Adshare revenue (apparently higher than the click through method) You need to be mindful of keywords to attract your traffic. similar to the above site. They pay you through paypal.

Publish Associated Content has a few options for payment – one is $3 per article – the other a revenue sharing deal of around $1.50 per 1000 views.

About Families pays $3 per article ( 300 – 500 words)

Submission rules for these sites are usually strict, with little leeway for formating; so make sure to read all the guidelines, or your submissions will be rejected

Book Reviews
There are sites which look to pay writers to submit book reviews – again many appear to do the revenue share/ AdSense deal.
Review – Book and DVD reviews, where you are paid through a revenue share deal.

Freelance Writing
It sounds terribly intimidating, however there are a lot of jobs out there who are looking for normal writers who can produce a set of keyword rich articles fast and inexpensively. Once you have signed up, you search for roles which sound of interest to you and you then either contact the hirer – or you put your bid in for how much you will do the job for. Most of the sites also allow you to advertise your skills at the price level you are willing to work for.

Some freelance sites to try are:

Real Money for writing
Being paid real money for your work appeared to be fairly scarce, however these two opportunities looked promising and I’d love to hear from anyone who submits or is successful with these.

Antigonish Review – Published fine poetry and prose by emerging — and established — writers. Pays $50 per book review and a varying amount for short stories, poetry and essays
Writers Magazine – A resource for writers. Rates for articles range from $40 to $80 for book reviews to $100 to $300 for columns and $300 to $500 for features.

Everyone has their own passions and thoughts about what we call life and as writers we generally use these thoughts in our fictional pieces. Why not turn it about a little and earn some money with these same ideas and work? Again, you need to decide you’re your outcomes are if deciding to submit to sites which revenue share with Adsense as, to be honest, the actual monetary rewards are unlikely to be able to buy you a cup of coffee after a few months. However, find a niche you wish to write about, promote it through your social networking and you may be surprised with the results. The most valuable thing about being published outside of your own site, is the opportunity to showcase your work to a wider audience.

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