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March 10, 2010

Feb Goals and Round up

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My Writing Goals 2010 Feb

Having bunked off, its back to business with goals and my writing career.  I guess thats the whole thing – calling it a career and not a hobby – makes it very different in my mind and how I treat myself and my craft. even so – am pretty late in posting these up… sigh..

Anthology 2008 – a set of 12 of what I consider my best short stories I wrote in 2008

I have used one of the stories as a submission and turfed another one out as I want to completely re-write it and submit it somewhere else.  The title Anthology 2008 really didn’t do it for me – so I have a working title of Sartes Lonely Box – many of the stories depict lonely  or misunderstood people who are set apart from the rest of society for one reason or another.

I have also given myself the challenge of sketching illustrations to go with each story – and designing the front cover – things which I believed I couldn’t do or have and that was the real reason for not going ahead with it.. such a load of BS.  If you’d like to see some of my art and sketching – pop over here.

My goal is to have this ready for final review by the end of April.

Mistress Moon

My goal for the end of May is to have my 2008 NaNo manuscript edited to my standard and given to my editor Margie to go over.  With all the terrible flurry of typing and mispelt words etc, theres a lot of work for it to get to a readable stage for me to look at.. much less reading through it and pulling it all together.

Paid work writing

Completed 3 units of work and I feel my life being sucked out of me. Its the only paid writing work I have had so far and now understand that I need to be specific and focus on what I want out of my writing goals. What has made it a bit sucky is that I haven’t actually been PAID for this work yet…

Type A mom offers a little respite – but its pretty automatic and uninspiring. The self help/ conscious living site I submit to once a month is quite nice, though Orgasmic birth newsletter has become very sporadic and there hasn’t been an issue for months.  I love my Write Anything column.

I’ve been invited to submit to Brigettes site  – a site I’ve been following for a while( feeling a bit overwhelmed) and to On the Wing . ( majority overwhelmed.) have a few ideas on feminism to write for that – but nothing concrete just yet.

Its a real thrill to be asked to submit work and articles – and yes – its not paid – but to be published other than your own blog or site is a bit exciting.. well it is for me still…

So this years goal is to gain a small income – as opposed from a hobby payment here and there. I know many motivationalists say that you must aim high etc – but I am putting my aim at $10K a year. Its the Australian average earnings for a writer.  Next year I plan to surpass being ‘ average’.

Focus on building Reclaim

New direction with date night challenge and coaching with this. I have sent out a newsletter each month so far – and have plans for each month of the year in play. Although the newsletters have not been written up – the basic outlines are there – so I am hoping its not too taxing.  My goal is not to have this as a focus – just to keep the ball rolling as it were.  perhaps fruther down the track a major rebuild will happen with the site – which it needs – but I don’t have the energy to do so just yet.

I’ve begun writing the course notes and structure for the date night stuff too – but not really gotten my head round it yet.

Fiction Friday every week

I have committed to do this consistently which I have. but now I am adding another layer  -to actually use them.  Once they have been posted up for a fortnight – and are ones I actually like and want to develop, I will take them down.. and DO something with them – like ahhh – submit them to places???? ( good greif.. really??)

I have also begun to submit my FF to Jon Strouthers Flash Friday. Jon has an incredible following over there and it will give me a chance to look at a greater array of work and gain more feedback as well as possible opportunities to network. I am feeling a bit guilty as I haven’t been able to review and give critique on many peoples work. ( these units have really sucked me dry)

Enter 4 short story comps  or submissions this year.

I have really kicked this one in. especially after last years pathetic attempts.  I have been published in two anthologies this month alone – Cats with Thumbs and Deadly Love be Mine ( not to mention of course Chinese Whisperings. )

I also submitted two micro fiction stories to the Harvard comp.  Given that the name doesn’t send shivers down my spine, I have no hang ups about entering.  I was saddened to see some of the writers I admire post comments on a private link to say they weren’t entering as they didn’t feel smart enough.  I’ve only just heard back from them – and kinda disappointed not to have made the cut.. oh well.

Attend Personal Development Course

This includes Byron Writers Festival and the Brisbane one. Although I’d love to go to the Melbourne Fringe one, I can’t see me getting a pass out to go.

I’ve begun the Michael Dymenkos course – havinging reviewed the first two weeks material and done most of the homework.

Read one short story within my genre and one out of my genre a month

I don’t know who wrote it, but I read “A drunks letter his his wife”. Jodi thrust it into my hands and told me it was a must.  It left cold tendrils scraping my spine and eventhough I suspected what had happened had transpired – wished with every word it wasn’t going there.

I’ve joined an online book review group ( very loose description) and together we are reviewing Richard Jay Parkers first novel – Stop Me.  Although I had meant to only read a chapter every week – I found I was flipping through the pages and had it finished in one sitting.

Participate and complete NaNoWriMo

Well – it seems a very very long way away…. but its lurking…


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