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April 5, 2010

March Goals and round up

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On the whole – pretty crap. I’ve not kept my blogs up to date and have really struggled with Friday Fiction and Write Anything deadlines.

Anthology 2008

My goal is to have this ready for final review by the end of April; however with the advent of me working at least 2 or three days a week, my ability to shove all the things I need to do into a day has diminished. Though certainly not a valid excuse, its as much as I can come up with to say I have not touched my anthology or its edits since last month.

Mistress Moon

My goal for the end of May – see above for poor excuse for no input into ths.

Paid work writing

I have a goal to earn what is considered the average wage for writers in Australia ($10k) Although to date I STILL have not been paid for my contracting work, dialogue has occurred and it would seem that I am to be paid soon. It was a very uncomfortable situation – where as I wanted to remain professional without sounding whiny or whingy.. but still wanted to be paid my fair due.

From all outcomes it would seem I am still welcome as a writer there and they are happy with my work..

Focus on building Reclaim

I’ve been ensuring that the newsletter goes out monthly.  Jodi and I have made the decision to convert the site over to a wordpress template – after it took me about 10 hours of fiddles and fixes to pull the site over from one server to the next and to change a few little things.  However, its going to take a lot of work to do so – and neither of us have that time available at the moment. Its on the back burner – along with Captain Juan…

Fiction Friday every week

With my work during the day, I’ve really not had the time to write as I would have liked. I’ve only submitted two this month.

Enter 4 short story comps  or submissions this year.

Have submitted none this month – but have been coming across some opportunities I’d like to look at.

Attend Personal Development Course

Michaels course – a big fat nothing done this month – how embarrassing… ( not to self – get it on in the car so I can listen to it going to work..

I can’t see I will get to Melbourne for the emerging writers festival and if I do get to Byron, will only be able to go to Friday and Sat. ( Kids have their first dance concert on Sunday.)

Read one short story within my genre and one out of my genre a month

Apart from reading stories to my kids, I’ve read little.  I did read “how to train your dragon” – in preparation for the movie – and its a chapter book we are enjoying as a family before bedtime.

Participate and complete NaNoWriMo

Well – it seems a very very long way away…. but its lurking…


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