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May 2, 2010

April 2010 Goals

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To sum it up.. garbage.

Night Call, Collect*
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I’ve returned to work ( only part time) and am really struggling to get my housework, do all the kid activities in the afternoon, prep for the next day and then find some time to write.

To be fair – I think this month has really made me think about what is actually important to me with my writing and where I have spread myself too thinly.

Anthology 2008

I’m going to sideline this as all it is doing is depressing me. I have also come to the conclusion that this really isn’t a focus for me and that the stories I have written then, I am not sure I want to make public now… They’re “fine” .. but…. In its stead, I am committing to choosing one story from my backlog of stories each month, editing it, developing it and asking for beta readers for assistance to polish it for submissions. Already I have started a folder – “submission roughcuts” and will being to dump ones I would like to see polished a little before coming under scrutiny. So from next month – it will be Submission Story Mining – I’m digging for gold….

Mistress Moon

Ditto on this – done nothing and it depresses me as I think its such a great story , strong characters and I’ve done nothing with it.

On a sort of similar note though, Captain Juan will be up and running in June – so very exciting.

Paid work writing

my lordy be..who’d have guessed that it was so hard to get paid. I’ve been paid for two units I submitted – but still waiting on the third. Lesson ( I believe) has been learnt. on the up ( but not paid) I have been offered a gig to review new DVDs for Disney – so as they are released I am sent a DVD and need to write a review on it. – SO delighted – I get to do two things I love! Though not paid , its a different writing style and a challenge for me. Focus on building Reclaim I’ve been ensuring that the newsletter goes out monthly. Jodi and I have been invited to speak at the Breastfeeding Association regional Meeting in Sept as well as meetings in June and one in July. We have agreed that the site needs revamping and will need to get in conversations with Dale about this.

Fiction Friday every week

With my work during the day, I’ve really not had the time to write as I would have liked. I’ve only submitted one FF this month. Although I have sketched out stories for the other three – I never had time to finish them

Piece of art every day

As part of encouraging creativity, I decided to pick my pencils up and start drawing again. I committed to drawing and sketching something every day and since mid Jan have basically kept that promise. It currently clears some cobwebs and I really enjoy it. I’ve particularly like the brush painting exercises I have been doing as it forces me to execute definite lines and commit to them. My art – for those interested – can be seen here.

next month- I am going to head this as Reclaim Creativity. I have been going on Movie dates with Jodi as part of the “artist” date idea from Julia Cameron. not only is it a bunk off day – but movies are something I love to do – makes me feel affluent and fancy free. its escapism at the highest level. I will also include any theatre I see – as its something I adore going to as well

Enter 4 short story comps or submissions this year.

I am keen to enter something for the “Inhuman” anthology for Absolute Express but haven’t come up with a story yet… time is ticking.

Attend Personal Development Course

Did nothing in this realm this month… However – it has pointed out that I need others to push me and help me. So I am looking out for a group to join. Its also important to me to get my work reviewed and challenged – so need beta readers – as much as it pains me to ask anyone.

Read one short story within my genre and one out of my genre a month

Apart from reading stories to my kids, I’ve read little – not even other peoples entries for FF – which is appalling and I apologize to anyone whom has commented previously on my stories. I usually reciprocate – but just haven’t… very very slack. I am going to include beta reading in this – so need to think alittle more about this for next month

Participate and complete NaNoWriMo

Haven’t given it a thought

Getting back to basics has been a catch phrase for a while. For me these include – my family blog once a week, Captain Juan, Friday Fiction and an article to support a passion I am pursuing – be it education, feminism or parenting. Next month I will report on Back To Basics….

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