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June 3, 2010

Round Up – Goals for May

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On the whole – pretty crap…. but not as crap as last month – so I guess some improvement.. Although I’ve not kept my blogs up to date, I’ve committed to entering Friday Fiction each week, and have also submitted two articles to newsletters as well as doing my WA and Type A Mom articles.

Back to Basics

Last month I decided I needed to get back to basics with my writing. I get so distracted by all the shiny new things – I’m like a kid at a fairground.  The basics for me is to write Captain Juan, Friday Fiction and my family blog.  well – one of three is better than none.  to be fair – I have done a heap of research on the corsairs for the episode I am planning for the captain.. and I have committed ideas to my voice recording

Submission Story Mining

Another basic thing I need to do is to look at my short stories and begin to polish them up.  but first I need to go mining – re-reading all my submissions nad seeingif any have potential.

Did none of this this month….

Mistress Moon

Just embarrassing to even have this here.  I *plan* to start to publish and submit it for Serial Tuesday.. but as yet… have done very little on this front…

Paid work writing

Nothing so far – I’ve been working a fair amount so have very little energy left over.

Focus on building Reclaim

I’ve been ensuring that the newsletter goes out monthly and at the start of each month.  Jodi and I have talked about rebuilding the site – but thats really as far as it has gone.

Fiction Friday every week

With my work during the day, I’ve really not had the time to write as I would have liked. However this month I  submitted one every week. pretty happy with at least one story.. so good all round.

Enter 4 short story comps  or submissions this year.

Haven’t entered anything this month… and have not heard back from Xpress either.. fingers crossed.

Reclaim Creativity

One of the key areas for me is to recharge my batteries.  I need to do something creative in order to do this and have chosen to go to the movies and theatre as part of this. My aim is to undertake a creative pursuit each week.


Robin Hood – I love a bit of Russ.. and it didn’t disappoint. Its very Ridely Scott – with big battle scenes peaking with Russ coming out of the water with an elongated “arrrrgggghhhhhh” and single-handedly fighting off the French Army.

Completely a fantasy tale as as long as you take it as such – you won’t be horrified at what has been done – or not – to the story of Robin Hood.  had a delightful day with Jodi – breakfast on Oxford and then movies.. ahhhhh.. this is what life is all about…


Jane Eyre – Went with Bec and Jodi to see this production.  I had low expectations of this and was blown away by the professionality and presentation of this production. So many layers in the performance. Needless to say I loved it and came away feeling incredibly filled up.

Creative drawing

Although technically I did it for work, I had a group of year 5s who were doing Bushrangers.  After discussions on them, I set the task for them to produce a poster.  i made one in lunch time to demonstrate and was actually pretty proud of the way it turned out.

Beta reading

I’ve included this in my plan as well – as I need to beta read in order to better my skills, but I also need others to give me feedback to hone my stories and skills.

The Xpress Inhuman story provided me two great stories to beta read – and get mine read and commented about. As much as I hate the knives – they make your story so much better.

My aim is to beta read two stories a month.. With submission time coming up  I hope that this is not going to be hard….

Join Writing Group

Another part of becoming a better writer is to join in with people of similar interests.  As the universe provides.. i came across a lady with a link to a link – and found the Logan Writers group on Facebook. I missed their coffee chat – but have promised to go to the next one.  There is a festival in October which is run by the group – so keen to go to that.

Read one short story within my genre and one out of my genre a month

Huge fail on this one…I’m halfway through a novel – but apart from reading stories to my kids, I’ve read little.

Participate and complete NaNoWriMo

Haven given it a thought… really

Have my Chinese Whisperings writing coming up.. After reading the other stories – am feeling a bit nervous – hope mine is going ot be of similar standard…


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