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June 28, 2010

My Writing Space

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Paul over at Write Anything this week spoke about the importance of a writers space and of the significance  certain pieces of it is to the creative success.

I am very fortunate to have a whole room to myself.  Its my creative den – though I have to be perfectly honest, its only been this tidy and organised for three months out of the last three years.

It was the dumping ground for just about every project I had, from beading, to sewing, to mending, to oil painting, craft bits and bobs, every scrap of paper and cut out of magazines you could imagine.  I was also trying to run two homebased businesses from it as well as sell things on ebay.. so enough said on the collection of STUFF that accumulated there.  It became overwhelming for me and most of the time I just shut the door and tried to pretend that we didn’t have this room.

Does this sound like the journey of my writing life??  hummm…

With the monumentous help from my husband, I ruthlessly threw away alot of things, rearranged the room and now have a safe space for me to be creative.

The table has been my kitchen table for nearly 20 years.  A big old hand hewn wooden one, given to my hubby and I as a wedding present – it reminds me of my country roots of family and of shared conversations and friendships. Fellow writer Jodi and I have created alot of things on this table – Captain Juan visited me one very late cold night.. our non fiction book Reclaim Sex After Birth was written almost entirely here.

I usually only have one thing on the table – my Mac – zipped up in a gorgeous leather case ( a gift for a milestone birthday last year.) I do most of my thinking and writing on my mac – or as notes on my iphone.  though, in saying that, behind me are some cupboards – and on one of those shelves I have a collection which would make a stationary shop quiver – full of gorgeous handcrafted notebooks.  They almost seem too beautiful for me to write in, so I buy them… and store them.. waiting for a “really good” idea to put in them.. keeping and saving them up… I know – its dumb…

Behind where I sit are shelves full of photo albums, reminding me of wonderful memories – lots of travel photos from far flung places round the globe.  Above them are trophies from my martial arts days. a silver jewellery box is filled with love letters.

In a pewter butterfly scultpure are two of my favourite ink pens – within arms reaach in case I want to write a card or note.  I have a number of other fountain pens which keep my notebooks company…

I have spaces for 4 projects – which at the moment are full. I am ‘allowed’ to only take on four creative projects and have to finish one before I can take on another.

The next photo is the view from my Mac.  I have another seat for a guest to join me to write – often this is Jodi – but my 7 year old will often bring his laptop in and write his adventure stories featuring a puppy and a spaceship.  On a deeper level – after being at a few writers festivals who also recognise this – , it sort of represents those writers who cannot sit with us – who are persecuted and jailed for their words.  I certainly never feel alone – someone is always “sitting” there…( characters, folk on skype or just in spirit.)

The Cabinet holds alot of my art supplies and specialised papers.  On top of it is a Iphone docking thing with speakers – so am able to control the music selection from my seat.  You can’t see it – but there is a glass ink pen and sand on top.

I have walls full of photos from travel days and of specific memories. I also have alot of squirrels in various shapes, sizes and mediums.

There are two sashes announcing that once apon a time I was a princess. A shadow box holds a broken arrow. The tip is sharp. Negative words are written around the shaft.  I walked into the arrow and broke it with my soft neck as part of a ritualistic ceremony to dispel negativity.   I didn’t keep the one inch pine board I broke with my fingers. I’d done that before in martial arts and it didn’t seem special.  The arrow was one of the scariest things – apart from walking on hot coals – that I’ve done.

More things on the wall include my Masters and diplomas, the number plate from my motorcycle I loved to bits, wedding photos of my family and the 2nd world war service medals and discharge papers from my great uncle. I remember him and march every year at Anzac Day.

Beside where I sit is a small wooden stand. It has a long thin door which opens to tiny shelves. Inside here are cards, candles and other bits and bobs.  Atop this simple alter are a collection of feminine beauty.

Two purple candles waiting to be lit.

A crystal ball perched on a stand – a remnant of a joke between my partner and I when I worked in recruitment.  It used to sit on my table and Id try and divine meaning from it for my work..

A rose from the Royal Kew Gardens is captured inside a resin ball. A gift to my grandmother from me – but she has recently handed it back to me, saying she wants me to have it – so it won’t be taken away from me at the wrong time.

A delicate rose carved from soap nestles inside a coconut cup – a reminder of my escape and rebirth in Thailand.

A feathered pen – a link to Captain Juan and the crew.

A hand sculpted feminine figure and hand painted nestling dolls – part of reclaiming the feminine spirit back into my life.  The dolls represent 7 generations of wise women in my line and were a response to work I have done with the sacred motherhood.

Not pictured is my giant wooden art easel. Behind me is an inbuilt cupboard I store more art supplies, pens, books and paper, arts and craft projects, needlework and knitting.

Yes – its a collection – but its my creative space.. A place I feel safe in and surrounded by meaningful and beautiful things and memories.

My office is where my mac is. I can and have created episodes of beauty, disturbing images and ripping yarns in every imaginable space.  But here is where I love to come back to , to edit, to dream and to create.

How about you?



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