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August 7, 2010

Book Review “This Little Prayer of Mine”

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This Little Prayer of Mine is a delightful book aimed to be shared as a family to facilitate the practice of open communication with God.  Its simple message, coupled with beautifully illustrated pages engage and inspire the reader. With so much misunderstanding surrounding prayer, this book strips away the rhetoric to uncover the purest communication with the Divine and is pitched perfectly for the youngest members of the family.

With 33 pages filled with timeless scenes of children; parents have the opportunity to draw parallels and lessons from each page for discussion.  This gorgeous book reinforces the message that The Divine Spirit is easily accessible to anyone at any age and that there is no need to undergo lengthy and complex rituals in order to communicate with God.


The book is hardcover, sturdy and beautifully presented. The emphasis throughout the book is the simplicity of words and the emphasis on honest and open communication with God.  The Little Prayer of Mine reassures children that God is close and holds no judgment on the size of the prayer.  The illustrations pull emotional strings and key into children’s concerns. This book reminds us that prayers are not about what our hearts desire but about being grateful for what we have.  Loving words fill the pages and demonstrate the acceptance for children and prayer in everyday life.


With something as delightful, well structured and gorgeously presented as this book, it is difficult to find any issues or problems with it. Illustrations depict children of a mixed ethnicity and language doesn’t pin it to a particular culture or belief system within Christianity.

“In an increasingly hectic world, burdens can weigh heavily on even the youngest heart.  This Little Prayer of Mine offers a wonderful reminder about the source of joy and peace, and will draw children nearer to God.  They will learn of His love and care for every detail of their lives – a crucial foundation for a life of faith!”
— Danae Dobson, coauthor of Parables for Kids

Its lilting and engaging rhymes are sure to delight and entrance readers of all ages. It affirms that God is ready to listen to prayers regardless of whom is is from or what it is about. “This Little Prayer of Mine” is sure to be part of a strong toolbox where parents can draw upon its messages to teach and guide their children in the power of prayer.

Disclosure:  Annie Evett was sent a signed copy of the book by the author and has been entranced ever since by the simplicity of the message and the gorgeous illustrations.

Visit Anthony DeStephanos website for more details about his publications and outlets for the book


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