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October 20, 2010

Good Reads

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After the not so subtle promptings from fellow Chinese Whisperings authors, I too have joined Goodreads to promote both myself as a ‘brand’ and as part of this whole social networking thing we authors are doing.

This year particularly has seen me take my role as a professional writer to a higher standard. In February, I had two short stories published within a week of each other.  I have been writing on contract for an educational company. More recently, another story accepted into the 50 Stories for Pakistan Anthology. I am published with Chinese Whisperings in The Red Book and now the Yin book . I have been invited in a number of events to speak about the non fiction book Jodi and I wrote two years ago – Reclaim Sex After Birth.  Last week, I was PAID ( good grief!) to speak on a panel at a writers festival…. and am in the process of  weaving a Choose your Own Adventures style anthology -ish  (10 writers, 3 editors and 4 beta readers in the project) – which will be available on line to subscribers.

And still I kick my feet, shuffle about and look shyly if someone asks if I am a real writer.

I have a number of great short stories gathering dust…. and I am too fearful to spruce them up and submit them to competitions.. or heck – collate them and publish on smashwords.

However, Icy has given me a kick and prompted me to explore this option further. (get over and read her stuff by the way – she totally rocks) so watch this space for an anthology…

I will also commit to publishing what competitions I am entering this month.

As part of the Writers Festival last week, I sat at a table ( with a bunch of other writers) to promote my work ( CW and CYOA) and to answer questions about ‘being a writer’.  If you followed my tweets or Facebook, you will have seen my disgust at the prejudice rearing its ugly head…things like – “Collaborative writing is not real writing”, “Short story writers aren’t real writers” and  that as a writer you just “couldn’t share a character”.. I pasted my plastic smile on, answered as politely as I could – but knew there was no way I would convert ( nor wish to) these stuck in muds.

I think it was at that table that I made my oath to promote and uphold the short story as a REAL form of writing, and to do my damnedest to continue the wonderful soulfood that is collaborative writing.

So there we go..  I have some promises on the ‘table’… will need to uphold them now won’t I?



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