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October 26, 2010

The Comps and Anthologies I am submitting to

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I committed to saying what competitions or submissions I was entering last week – so here goes.

When I write my Friday Fiction, I give it a rating myself.  If I think its slightly ok, I will pull it down after a fortnight or so and pop it into a file for me to come back to and polish ( ha ha – htats where it all falls down)

So I have a folder of a bunch of first drafts which other people have said are good and I think are ok.. Some of them are ones I have put up on Friday Fiction and some are just stories I have had kicking about. Particularly with submissions, you need to be careful with the guidelines with regards to previous publications.   Some places specify what they accept and what they don’t. Some don’t mind if its been on your personal blog – others don’t want anything that has been in the public arena.  Is best to be clear with the expectations and ask the question before you submit.

I even have a few polished stories which have either not been submitted – or haven’t been accepted to where I have sent them.

Now comes the hard work or re-writing.. and submitting. There are a bunch of comps out there – so I guess I just have to get into it…

In my sights are

Whale City Short Story Competition closes on the 1st of Nov. For this comp, I am thinking I will submit a story called “Passage of Darkness.”

Melbourne Shakespeare Society Soliloquy competition.
Sounds kinda fun…Closes on the  29 October.
The Melbourne Shakespeare Society is holding a competition for a soliloquy: verse, prose, topical, historical, political, or otherwise. Max. 350 words. (so a bit of a challange!!) I’m looking at re-writing a story I wrote a while back called “Pain in Waiting” for this one.

Rasberry & Vine run a fiction competition which closes on 29 October.
I am looking at my story “Of Lawnmowers, Bowties and Blowflies” for this one.

Geelong Short Story Competition Closes on the 5th of November – I’m still debating which one to send to this….

Hal Porter Short Story closes on the 17th Dec –

I am going to submit a story I had ready for another anthology ( but didn’t get accepted)- “Inhuman”

Short and Twisted closes on the 30 November. I am submitting “Forgytan” to this one.

Stringybark Short Story Award 2010. Closes on  14 December.
and is lookiing for short stories which relate to Australia or Australians. “Leaving the Farm” is the story I will submit to this.

Mostly for Mothers – – I have a story called Scars and Spiderwebs which I need the right place to publish – and I think this is the collection it needs to be with. – The anthology focuses on coping with miscarriage. its not due till 26th Feb, but I want my story to be right – so will be rewriting a bunch of times.

If you have some time and could help me with beta reading- giving me some feedback – I’s so appreciate it.

Crossing fingers.. I would really love some more publishing cred this year.



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