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January 13, 2011

Bloggers, Writers and Readers can Help the QLD Flood Victims

This article is based on one that first appeared over at Write Anything.  Although I normally allow several months to pass before I post them up here – due to time sensitivity – its going up with in 24 hours.. I think you will forgive me.

Blessed with our modern technology, no doubt you will have heard via facebook, twitter, live feed news coverage or seen incredible scenes on youtube outlining the flood disaster befalling Queensland in Australia.

‎80% of the State of Queensland in Australia has been declared a Disaster Area due to extensive flooding. This follows months after the state had been in years of drought. They need your help.

To put the scale of devastation into perspective; Queensland is Australia’s second largest state measuring more than 1.72 million square kilometers; 25% of Australia’s land mass; it is four times the size of Japan, nearly six times the size of the UK and more than twice the size of Texas in the US.

Queensland is looking at a post war reconstruction effort in all areas from infrastructure through to rebuilding family homes in the near future.

You as a writer, or as a reader, or as someone who knows someone who reads, can help by doing something you love to do; that is to read or to write.

From the editorial team who founded 100 stories for Haiti and 50 stories for Pakistan, a new Anthology is being formed with sales directly assisting those in need within Queensland. Perhaps more importantly, this anthology will keep this disaster and its effects in front of mind over the next few months, when the sensationalism has ceased and the main clean up and work has begun.

Writers – we want some of your time and a piece of your flash fiction work.  100 stories for Queensland is an anthology of hope and spirit. Something between 500-1000 words, something upbeat, even light-hearted, any theme, any genre.

We need it by Friday January 28th.

There are no guarantees of acceptance and even if your work is accepted, you won’t get paid. But you know your contribution has assisted those who need it.

The submission guidelines are short and sweet and are found on the submission page at:

Bloggers – follow some of the stories about the Queensland Flood and keep it at top of mind for those around the Globe. Encourage your readers to find creative ways that they can assist those in need. Promote charitable fundraisers, such as the 100 Stories for Queensland to all you know and pledge to advertise its release details.  Write a review and blog about it.

Readers – follow the stories and send your support and thoughts to the emergency workers and volunteers who are painstakingly searching properties and vehicles for bodies. Buy a copy of 100 stories for Queensland and get everyone you know to do the same.

It doesn’t stop there though.

Please get onto facebook and like the page.  100 Stories for Queensland

Suggest it to other people.. you know – the ones who write, or read.. or know people who read.

When it gets published, buy a box full of them.

Get everyone you know to buy them as well.

There are some other practical ways you can assist people in Queensland. Start by visiting this guide.





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