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February 13, 2011

Literary Mixed Tapes – NBF

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If you were a child or teenager of the 80s, you would remember sitting at night listening to the radio to catch the latest popular songs.

If you were very lucky, you had a tape deck which allowed you to press ‘record’ in order to capture these songs. We tried to keep tapes separate and record similar styles of songs or themed music on the same tape. When we got better at our recordings, we would tape them for friends, swap and compare our captured songs.

I had dozens of these mixed tapes, stuffed with crackly radio waves and half recorded songs, the covers hand written and magazine pictures glued to complete the cover art.

Its with this in mind that Literary Mixed Tapes was birthed by Jodi Cleghorn, one of Emergent Publishings Chief Editors. A  simple prompt given, spawning short stories in response.

The quarterly collection is a cross pollination of music and writing, and has roots in her  search for new ways to inspire fiction and encourage writers to work together. Anthologies are available in ebook and printed format

The latest Anthology is entitled Nothing but Flowers – Tales of post Apocalyptic Love . Inspired by the Talking Heads song of the same name, the anthology will go live at 9am (AEST) on the 14th February and run online for 24 hours.

Its a literary feast, with stories ranging from sci fi, to romance. The proceeds from it will be going to the Grantham Flood Support fund.

I’d encourage you to pop over to the launch party on Facebook or to the site itself and read a story an hour.

Mine – Click – goes live at 5 pm Brisbane time.

The stories are only on line for 24 hours – so get in quick to read them – or order one of the printed copies so you can enjoy them at leisure.

Either way, as a well known Australian Music commentator would say at the end of his show – “Do yourself a favour, get out and get it.”

I’ve recorded this on Audio Boo here and recorded the first few paragraphs of my story “Click” here.


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