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May 26, 2011

Getting back on the old submission wagon

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Its been a flurry of a year for me so far. My involvement with three huge projects have left time for my own writing severely limited.

Since January:

100 stories for Queensland has been a fantastic success and was launched last week. I was an assistant in both editing and reading as well as having a story accepted for publication.

Stories for Japan has been an intense project as well. I assisted with editing and reading – so many submissions to go through, and ones which I felt was out of my sphere of expertise to pass judgement on. Though – I have learnt alot about Haiku and various poetry forms.  I have also been stunned at the talent in artwork out there.  We are close to proofreading this – so I look forward to shouting out about its launch soon.

CYOA  hasn’t been without its challenges either. Its been a very intense project to be managing and writing for. For a myriad of reasons it still hasn’t been finalised or published so the saga continues with it.

Couple this with a husbands whose health is not great, some pretty challenging times with growing kids AND commencement of full time teaching…hummmm no wonder I have a deficit of time and energy.

Anyway – things have quietened down ( a tiny bit) so I have pulled out my submission folio and begun looking for places to submit my work to. I had a grand plan to have stories written and polished – just waiting to be sent off with a mins notice (insert howls of laughter here)  But in the mean time, I have some suggestions of first drafts I have written which I think may have potential.

Thanks to my awesome beta readers who assist me on a moments notice!    I’ve submitted five stories this year so far – three have been accepted – so thats pretty awesome.  My aim is to submit one story a month – somewhere.

Coming up – I am in the last stages of getting stories ready to submit to these places – so wish me luck – or – if you have something ready to roll – submit it too!

Sunday Snaps – closes 6th June – I’ve submitted  “Clandastine Talik”

Ramble Away – closes 31st of May – I’m getting “Spring Blossom” ready

Sloan Writer   – closes 31st of May – I’m getting “Meus Culpa Michael” ready

Stringybark Spec Fic – Closes 30th of May – I am getting  “Your Essence” ready.

Any offers of beta reading for those stories I am getting ready – would be REALLY appreciated!

well – good luck in your own submissions and ventures – lets hope some of mine are noticed – for good reasons….


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  1. Wow, you’ve been busy!


    Comment by Theresa Milstein — May 26, 2011 @ 9:25 pm | Reply

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