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June 10, 2011

Reporting on Submissions so far – June 2011

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I have a spreadsheet to keep track of my submissions – perhaps thats the way other writers do it – or not – but it works for me. I note the title, the place I sub it to, the webssite or details about the comp and the date I subbed it.. I have a column also for results.  There has been some discussion on some writers sites as to how often or how many comps or submissions you may send a piece to.  I generally send a story to one place only and then wait.  If its rejected – I will get my editing razer out and scrutinise the piece – see where it might be flabby or weak.  It may well be too – that the piece wasn’t suited to the comp – so tsk tsk me for sending it.  Once its undergone some surgery, It will sit in a file and await a comp which might be better suited.

To date this year, I have subbed 14 short stories.

1 got into the second round but was ultimately rejected.

4  were accepted for publication ( happy dance!)

1 was rejected – no feedback

8 are still waiting on results.

So thats pretty good results in my reckoning.  I am so grateful to my beta readers and editors who plump up my bruised ego, pat me on the head and then kick my butt into gear.  You know who you are….

To update you on the comps I was planning to submit to… yes I have – So awaiting results and feedback, I have

“Seeking Sanjuro” , “Micheal Meus Culpa”, for Ether Books

“Flowers for Callie” for a short story comp,

“Clandastine Tilak” for Sunday Snaps

and “Your Essence” for Stringybark.

New submissions include –

“Boys who play Battles”  as my  submission to Jon Strothers Friday Flash  Best of volume 2. ( really would love to be chosen to be part of that collection!)

I have ‘Blood in the Sand’ and ‘Sliver’ vying for a place at Chainbooks… That site deserves a post all on its own.. I’ll get round to doing that in the next few weeks as its a very exciting project they are running there and it would be great if it was given the support it deserves.

Stringybark have an erotica short story comp coming up.. I’m tempted and very nervous at the same time.. Really out of my comfort zone. So whats the saying?  If I can’t.. then I must?

Also on my radar is a micro fiction travel comp by Utility Fog Press

The spilling ink one looks good (1st July)

Am struggling to choose ( or start to write) a story for the Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Comp ( due 30 June)

and need to get into gear if I am to submit something to the Mornington Peninsula Short Story comp by the end of July.

Well.  Thats about all from me at this point. best get back to writing then huh?


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  1. I’m having a beer and maybe shooting myself in the foot by telling you… good luck anyway with all your work, hic!

    Martin Shaw.

    PS Lovely Jubbly


    Comment by martin shaw — July 9, 2011 @ 6:44 am | Reply

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