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July 9, 2011

Submissions Update July 2011

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Juggling normal life and writing – now thats the question….last month was a bit manic with the end of school term – so I’ve been busy with RL ( real life) stuff and trying to tie up the ends of other projects.

CYOA   Series 2 is coming to the end of editing – which is such a relief. Its in the hands of beta readers and the writers for their final adjustments before we go to launch in on the website. Its been a steep learning curve for me – to set up alot of back end things, which I had not expected to have to do when I first set out to do this project; but not entirely unwelcome.  July will be filled with getting the marketing stuff ready, chasing contracts and updating profiles etc..

I’m thrilled to have been invited to write with another group  Choose or Die – just for fun and silliness – something I am so looking forward to.

Also premiering this month is my weekly column for Ether books  where I basically write a free downloadable column on.. life in general – tips, hints, stuff to survive modern day life.  Thrilled to bits about this!

Stories for Japan is still in the air – I have two more pictures to do for it and just haven’t had the inspiration to do them.

I continue to write for Type A Parent  and Creative Writers Institute each month and write a weekly review on a martial arts or asian movie at Pop Bunker.  I’m thankful that my weekly spot at Write Anything has now been shared out amongst some great writers – and that I am a contributing editor in the new site – eMergent is now hosting. Feels a bit weird after three years – but a good break too.

With CYOA taking the bulk of my time in the last few months, I’ve not had a great deal of time to write new short stories and have not kept up with writing once a week for Fiction Friday -something I really want to get back to doing. In the mean time, I have been polishing some of my first drafts…. heres the score so far..

“Seeking Sanjuro” , “Micheal Meus Culpa” were both accepted for Ether Books and available there now for FREE…

“Flowers for Callie” for a short story comp by Ramble Away  is still in the process of being judged.

“Clandastine Tilak”  was accepted by Sunday Snaps with the publication being launched later this year.

“Your Essence” for Stringybark is still being judged.

Both “Blood in the Sand” and “Sliver” were accepted by Chainbooks – but its launch has been pushed back till September.

“Boys who play battles” is still being judged.

Extra ones submitted this month were

Starry Starry Night to CN Infinity  – tales of a disappointing Apocalypse called “Not in the Brochure”  – was accepted..

and I am about to submit (as yet unnamed) story to a Memory Eater Anthology 


I’ve joined EZine as a writer as well… for traffic and profile mainly..

I didn’t get round to submitting ot spilling ink or the AR comp…and need to get into gear if I am to submit something to the Mornington Peninsula Short Story comp by the end of July – or to the erotica one for stringbark…



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  1. I’m so impressed… just reading thru all of that stuff I got overwhelmed. You’re amazing


    Comment by 2maraa — July 9, 2011 @ 12:16 am | Reply

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