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August 21, 2011

Revamp of a Writers Space

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About this time last year, there was a spate of columns around the blogosphere on what a writers space contained. We were interested in knowing where each other wrote and created, what important bits and bobs gathered dust on our desks and where it might be situated.

My original one can be found here

Since then, a number of things have changed; and so, it seems must my space.

My writers alter had gradually collected tiny momentos I had felt at the time of placing them there, meant something.  The problem was, that for nearly 8 months, it was overloaded and gathering dust at an alarming rate.


Funny how hindsight can be so ‘insightful’. Over the last eight months I have felt my life veer out of control. I have felt overwhelmed and cramped. I have not been able to breathe.

A beautiful writers table landed on my lap.  I had bought it for Adrian and had meant it to be placed in our bedroom – more for ornamental purposes.  Although he liked it – he suggested it go into my office. At first I huffed and puffed telling him that there was no way anything that size would fit into my already cramped space. But then I looked at the layout and realised I needed to change it as it wasn’t serving my purposes any longer.

I had set up my long table so that two writers could comfortably set up and collaborate and work. It dominated the room, set up diagonally across it. That hand hewn wooden table had been the scene of many long days work, shared chocolates, laughs and many words typed. But those times are now lost and I hold little hope of them ever being recovered or rekindled.

So its been pushed up against a wall, with plenty of room for me to spread my research information, printer and artwork, without worrying about keeping it tidy for a second person.

My alter had stood beside the door, innocuous and almost hiding from sight.  It was almost apologetic as it stood sagging under the weight of so many things.  I cleaned it up took off every piece and scrutinised each, weighing up the validity of its purpose on my alter.  I smudged the room, in particular the desk and all the drawers and set my new intentions.  My silver wise monkey pen holder – complete with fountain pen – sits at the front – reminding me that  I must “write no evil”.  I am overseen my the effigies of my motherline and reminded by my smudge stick and bowl to renew and revitalise energies regularly.


This left plenty of space for the roll top writers desk to slip in and sit in front of the widow Thought it isn’t a solid wood one – the type of my dreams, its serviceable and sturdy and I love it.  I have filled it with all those writing pads and paper I have been “saving up” and set  it up with all the pens, bits of stationary and bobs you can imagine.

This now leaves me with some specific work spaces within my office.  I have a clear art desk and easel within easy reach, my laptop linked up with a printer in a permanent spot and a place I can write my cards and do all that office paperwork stuff.. WITH FILING CABINETS!!

 I threw away so many things – stuff that has energetically kept me linked to the past – and this is a big thing for me – the hoarder – the pack rat – to have to throw things away…

So now it all leaves is for me to actually get back to writing. I know I’ll breathe alot easier when History’s Keeper has been launched. I am now turning to my huge list of projects to be finished.. but I think that deserves a post of its own.


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  1. […] My writing space has changed over the years. As a young mum, I took my laptop or scribble pads out with me to the park and playgroups, snatching moments to jot ideas and threads of conversations. I’ve written in kids’ discos, at waterparks and beside hospital beds. I’ve worked full-time for just over 2 years now. Juggling children’s activities, work and family time is difficult enough, without trying to slide in some time to write. I have a dedicated room filled with things to inspire and support my creative side. I blogged about it when I revamped my space here. […]


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