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October 25, 2011

Zombies… Brains… Writers are needed!!

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CYOA’s next adventure takes us into the heartland of Zombies – where it will be survival of the fittest – or smartest – or perhaps the luckiest characters.

Its been so much fun to write with a bunch of committed, passionate and very talented writers these past two series. I’m excited and desperate to start this new one. Please do pass on the information and follow this story along on facebook

Its a little different this time round. Writers are asked to submit a short story introducing a character they’d like to bring along to the CYOA. the editors will be looking at all of the stories and choosing a wide range of characters to come and play. Below are the details of the call out.

Please read through ALL of the information and follow links before submitting.

1.Submissions will be accepted from midnight AEST 20th of October 2011 through to midnight AEST 2nd of March 2012.

2. Submissions will only be accepted through Submishmash 
3. The Writing Line Up will be announced 15th of March 2012 through FB and Twitter, after contacting the relevant successful applicants.

4. The CYOA Zombie Project’s main writing commences the 13th of April 2012 with final drafts due on the 1st June 2012.

5.The project aims to launch the online access to the stories on the 4th of August 2012.

* Please read the scope for writers in the Details Page. As this is an experimental writing project, the perimeters of writing collaboratively may be a little different to what you may have experienced before hand. Please also read the details about editing and the weaving process, as it too, may be very different to what you may have worked with in the past. This project does not pretend to be the end all and be all of collaborative writing, rather it is pushing towards the limits of what collaborative writing could be and the opportunities it can offer. Its meant to be fun and interactive as well as a tool for you to grow as a writer.

* Please read the world view and setting for our Story. This will act as a guide only to initiate our stories. Specific information and details will be added when the project begins – and the team begin to collaborate on ideas.

To be considered for inclusion as part of the project 

* Submit a short story (between 1000 – 1500 words) which, if you are accepted into the team, will be used as one of the first stories. It goes without saying that this story should be proofread, beta read has been redrafted or edited at least once before submitting. If accepted, this story will then undergo the editing process in order to ensure continuity of story.* Full details and backstory to be used as a creative springboard for your story is found here.

* No gratuitous violence or content which may be deemed offensive, defamatory or demeaning. Historically accurate sexist and/or racist content is acceptable, if it is appropriate to the scene and story. Stylistic or situationally appropriate profanity and sexual content are also acceptable.

If in doubt contact Mystress Weaver BEFORE submission. The series aims to be read by a 15 years plus audience. In saying that – this is about Zombies – and brains being eaten, limbs being pulled off – all that stuff.. there is going to be violence, blood and gore – but there is a limit if we are talking about sadistic or sexually inappropriate graphic scenes.. yeah?

* What the judges are looking for are interesting characters with depth. 

The story is an opportunity for you to showcase your action scene writing and although that doesn’t necessarily mean blood splattered carcasses littering the streets, a bit of that doesn’t go astray. We are also looking for characters who can show that they can think ahead, be strategic; not just the ‘muscle.’

Another part of the selection process will be the way in which you have processed the information supplied, ensuring you’ve taken note of the important information. ( a hint here, if you set your story at a beach in mid summer with a gang of zombie penguins; as much as it will amuse us, it will only demonstrate you didn’t read the set up and support documents. This project relies on its team reading and processing the shared information)

* Writers are asked to include a Character Bio at the end of their story (up to 70 words)

This bio should include – ( though this may be altered as part of the collaborative process)
2. outward appearance
3. characteristics
4. habits or traits
5. specific skills or knowledge
6. any relevant background history.

* Writers are asked to include a brief personal bio or link to their blog/ writing site.

Any submission which has not followed the guidelines will not be considered.

This part is tripply important….Please only submit and apply if you are able to commit to the time frames and the technology required to be part of the collaborative project.

Your submission check list: 
* Zombie short story of 1000 – 1500 words (where you have read all the support docs) 
* Character Bio 
* Personal Bio 

Good luck – The judges are really excited about this!


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