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November 10, 2011

Submissions Tally – this year so far

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I started the year off so well – and in such good spirits. I was positive, enthusiastic and had boundless energy and ideas. I know its an excuse, but working full time has really sucked it out of me – its not like I even dislike my work  – its a great place, I like what I do and I feel I am an instrument for good ( not many places you can say that!) I’ve found so many projects, so few time and not enough of me to go around.

I began writing a weekly column for an exciting i-thingy application called ether books, I write a weekly film review for pop bunker, and provide articles on writing and the journey of a writer to two monthly online communities.

I feel my focus has really turned away from fiction and I’m not sure thats where I want to go.

As far as writing goals goes:

My goal this year was to either self publish or publish an anthology of my own short stories; as well as get 4 ( one per quarter) published in other places. I also wanted to explore getting my artwork published.

My own anthology has gotten – zip.

Artwork – is a perhaps – have had two writers engage me in meaningful conversations on providing work to accompany their text. I’m delighted to have been asked to provide chapter headings in brushwork for the Japanese Charity anthology.

From January to July I submitted 16 stories. 10 of these were accepted – 2 of which were for printed anthologies.

Since July, its been a big nothing; I’ve allowed the excuses of life and busyness to invade my writing space and time. With the extra stresses of having to edit CYOA series and taking that project on; I’ve written a dozen (poor) short stories this year.

Looking back, perhaps I haven’t done as badly as I think I have done. – its the disengagement from fiction which I believe has really made me feel like a failure.

I’m keen to submit to the Mookychick flash fiction comp – as well as the circalit one – both due at the end of this month.

I’d say they will be my last submissions for the year. Best get back to polishing some of my earlier work I guess.. till the muse takes my hand and leads me into literary bliss.


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