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November 21, 2011

Four Ways to Keep the Passion for Writing

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Inspiration and passion can’t be bought in a bottle, though I’m sure many have sought in at the bottom of one.  No-one can give you more passion or inspiration. It has to come from deep inside you.

With NaNoWriMo mania well and truly gripping writers around the globe, many find the challenge and pressure of writing to a time limit and word count too extreme and drop out siting that they have lost their passion for writing. A large proportion of these writers then suffer self imposed guilt over their decision with a sad percentage never writing again.

Although there is not a fix-it-quick solution to this quandary, review these four tips on uncovering or rediscovering your passion for writing, before NaNoWriMo is over.  Perhaps you’ll find a pearl to arm yourself with and continue; or at least be at peace with your decision.

Surround yourself with the greats. 

Immerse yourself with great things. Great friendships, Great food. Great experiences. Great love. Be passionate and grateful about these things in your life. With a passionate life, springs many stories; bursting with life. Although its possible to write about joy, happiness and the thrill of love whilst trapped in a dank solitary cellar; its easier to relay these emotions if they are authentic or exploding from your chest.

It doesn’t hurt either to surround yourself with the works or writers whom you aspire to, or whose works hold a connection.  These ‘Great Writers’ don’t need to be the literary leaders of the last few centuries. Whilst many of these classic literary giants inspire the emerging writer, at times, some of them are difficult to access or to relate within the modern context. Find works which hold a heart connection. Have a ‘date’ with one of these ‘greats’ to reconnect to your passion.

Know your why

Make a list of the compelling reasons you have to write. Refer to this on a consistent basis and update the list.

Organise your list and concentrate on your top 3 or 4 reasons why you would forfeit an evening with friends in order to write or be willing to damage your health through lack of sleep and overcaffination.

Without a list which is infused with passion, your drive will dwindle.

Learn from your mistakes and from your successes

Study the positive lessons from others and from your experiences which may have been negative. There are stories in both of these!

Keep a journal or book of ‘wins’ to record your progress. This will remind you of the personal discoveries and challenges you have overcome on your journey and serve as fuel for your passion.

Take a break.

Give yourself a holiday from having to ‘perform’ as a writer. Allow yourself time away to live, gather experiences and collect stories.

Forgive yourself for being a slave master over the chore of writing.  No-one enjoys being bossed around and its only natural that you will rebel with writers block, disinterest or anger if you feel pressured.

Have some fun when you choose to return to write – choose a genre you’d never normally write in and ‘have a go’. Throw out the textbook on style and just write from your heart.  Too often, we get too serious and caught up with all the ‘head stuff’ and forget passion and inspiration are sparked from the heart. Whilst I am not advocating lazy grammar or poor punctuation, its this step out of the box which may prompt you to be more daring in other things within your writing.

Life has no dress rehearsals. However, writers hold the fate of characters within their fingertips. They have the power of editing and redrafting. The knowledge of this alone brings a smile to my face

You were drawn to writing for a reason and its natural to experience the ebb and flow of creativity. Allow yourself the luxury of experiencing this as part of the process, surround yourself with some greats, make some lists and reflect on your journey so far.  Although there is no guarantee your passion for writing will return, you will have a better understanding of what attracted you to the craft and have some tools to continue when the time is right for you.


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