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November 30, 2011

Pangaean Airlines goes into official receivership!

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If you are scratching your head and wondering why you’ve never heard of Pangaean Airlines – you are forgiven. Its a fictional company whose financial downfall is carefully constructed through the actions of some incredible characters held in the pages of The Yin Book and the Yang Book.

The Yin and Yang Book features twenty stories, penned by twenty writers  ( I am one of them) , shared across parallel airport universes, bound together by a common prologue and epilogue. An incredible read, difficult to put down; forcing you to retrace your steps as new clues give a deeper insight into the motivations of characters as you meet them. Although they can be read separately, the concept is to read both as a twined experience. The storyline follows the complicated web of events stemming from a suitcase, a stolen van Gogh painting, one woman on the run from her employers and the consequences of her decision to stay or go…

Thursday the 1st of December marks the day the paperbacks are officially available – so just a little SQWEEEEE and excitement to see this awesome project  develop to this stage.

I would so appreciate if you joined the facebook virtual party – ( for the uninitiated – a virtual party means just that – its not held anywhere except the space inside your head – just log onto facebook at some time during the 1st of Dec and write a comment or statement of cheer, encouragement or something positive.)

Please follow the live tweets about the downfall of Pangaean Airlines.  You will find them using the hashtag #pangaean  Each of the authors will be tweeting as if they were their characters and experiencing the shutdown and frustration that ensues due to the the crisis. It should be a heap of fun!

We have had to factor in the time differences so it is congruent with the actual time line in the book and UK time in general. ( yes it gets a bit complicated.. but bear with me)

Pangaean goes into official receivership at 6:30am UK time which will be 4:30pm AEST time – My Thursday afternoon – so keep a watch out from that time..

If you’d like some backstory on my Character – Ava Scott – pop on over to the Chinese Whisperings site here

And obviously, it would be awesome if you bought a copy – get it to me and I’ll sign it!!  The official bookstore is here

People who buy the paperback here will get an automatic ebook download to go with their purchase!

Its also available from Amazon and the Book Depository.


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