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February 1, 2012

So long [fiction] Friday.. and thanks for all the fish

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Last Friday marked the final post for [fiction] Friday, a weekly prompt hosted by Write Anything.  Whilst it might not have attracted hundreds of participants every week, it boosted and launched many emerging writers into the world of short story writing and paved strong links between a tight knit virtual and international writers group.

Hand on heart I can say that without that little weekly prompt, I would probably still be in a HR job I really didn’t love, doing too many hours and trying to be the career driven girl I really didn’t want to be, but thought I had to.

In October 2007, I was introduced to a writers site  called “Write Stuff”.  The head editor, Karen was a funky lass from the US who wrote alot of romance and slice of life short stories. She encouraged participation from other writers from around the world through a newly formulated platform called blogspots and wordpress. She headed a team of writers who posted their thoughts on writing and their own journeys as writers of both fiction and non fiction.

Although I enthusiastically read each days columns, I rarely left a comment as I didn’t consider myself worthy of bringing any attention to myself or to dare to think I could call myself a writer.  I did set up a blogspot in order to share any pieces I felt confident enough to show others; but all I could bring myself to do was to post a photo of myself.

In January 2008, after completing an exhausting collaborative non fiction ebook, I was enticed by the [fiction] Friday prompts and “encouraged” to submit something. I remember staring at the white screen of death for hours as my toddlers raced around the table barking…. and then I began to write…. and posted it up…. and deleted it…. and posted it up again… and then thought about deleting my whole blogspot thinking that “everyone” on the internet would begin to bombard me with hate mail and ridicule. Thankfully, the wonderful community of writers welcomed and encouraged my initial efforts, so not only did I continue; but within a month, gave notice to my HR role in the corporate world to concentrate on my love affair with characters and words. Many of my first drafts have gone on to be published in anthologies or form part of larger works.

Although work and family commitments have influenced my recent participation, I have 223 [fiction] Friday stories still on my my blog. Stories have evolved to create “Captain Juan”, feed my blog fiction “Turion”, provide fodder for  “Mystress Moon” and “Ninety” ( two of my unfinished novels – don’t we all have them?) – all through the prompts [fiction] Friday has provided. [fiction] Friday stories speak their own language and is a bit of a secret society for those involved on the weekly prompt. Who could forget the darstedly ways of the 3 pigs, the true definition of intaglio or how a telepathic parrot could get into so much trouble?   I have laughed aloud, cringed in fear and wept tears in response to the stories found on [fiction] Friday. I have adored hearing the writers read their works aloud, their accents bringing so much life into their words. There was a time I never missed submitting a story to [fiction] Friday. I believe that this habit set me up as a writer – forcing me to ‘just write’ even when i didn’t want to.

From lurker, to weekly submitter, to weekly columnist and now as an editor for the sparkly new look Write Anything, I have been blessed to have crossed paths and work collaboratively with a huge array of talented and passionated wordsmiths.    Its a tearful farewell, but one which is cheerfully celebrated, as I welcome in the new prompts and a new year.

The new prompt is a more wholistic approach challenging writers to write dangerously – out of their comfort zones. Its an exciting approach and one I hope to dive into with the same enthusiasm that I once had with [fiction] Friday.  I hope you can join me!


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  1. I love how every voice was unique on [Fiction] Friday, every writer was unique, yet we all have very similar stories to tell; we discovered it while working jobs which didn’t fulfill us, and it gave us all a shot in the arm, whether that was inspiration, daring, confidence or all of the above, and it set so many people on their current life paths.

    I’m feeling nostalgic now that it is going, even though at the end I rarely played along. I’m not sad; I think I could only feel sad if there was going to be nothing to fill in the purpose it serves, but I think that so many of us old hands, and so many of the people coming to the site now, have evolved as writers beyond what [Fiction] Friday could do for us.

    But I will always have a fond spot for [Fiction] Friday, and all that it has done for me as a writer, and for all the people it brought me to.


    Comment by Paul — February 2, 2012 @ 1:38 am | Reply

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