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March 3, 2012

Choose your Adventures – Zombie Style

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The third series of CYOA ( choose your online adventures) is about to launch into writer land. I’m very excited to announce an incredible line up of talented folk, some new faces, some faces who hang around the CYOA halls like bad smells – but all very welcome.. in fact – with the new storyline of Zombies, perhaps that smell may be the only thing that keeps their characters alive.

Over the next 12 weeks, our writers will have to strategise with each other to ensure that their little group survive zombie attacks and try to work out how to escape the predicaments the editors and I set up for them.

Each CYOA writing program is designed to push the writers to collaborate, but handing them different challenges along the way. This series sort of emulates gaming (like a D & D adventure) .. but not really. Its a smaller group with more, but shorter writing tasks.

As always – our goal is to have fun and learn from one another. With the year of writing dangerously, many of the team have little experience in the Zombie genre – but will make up for it with that lust for adventure – and will to survive. They will bring their own characters to the virtual table and vie to stay alive through the night. Wish them well.

Our writers are Catherine Russell, Cat Hegiler, Justyn Rowe, Emma Kerry, John Pender and Tomara Armstrong. They are overseen by the equally amazing editing talents of Icy Sedgwick and E.D Johnson. Beta reader extra-ordinare is Heather Harris- McFarlane.

Its a tough gig, collaborative writing. Its certainly not for the feint hearted, nor for those with issues with egos. It doesn’t suit some peoples writing style or beliefs either. And all of that is ok. I love it as I get to hang out on line with amazingly talented and motivational writers who all love to create with words.

I’m so looking forward to this series. If you see any of the above folk online having a melt down or challenges – give them some space and support – they need that extra understanding and cheer ups…. and please join me in congratulating them on being chosen to join the crew for CYOA ’12.


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