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April 23, 2012

National Flash Fiction Day

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Along my way trawling for interesting writers and writing groups  to network with, a friend of mine suggested I pop over to fellow Australian – living – abroad Chris White.  The thing I loved about his blog was unashamedly, he announces – that he is “Just another author writing short stories instead of his novel…”  How true that is – especially for me!

I’ve invited him over as a guest writer to announce the National Flash Fiction Day being held in the UK in May and his flash fiction competition being run to honour it ( and thumb the nose at whats happening  – or not – here in Queensland)

Welcome and thanks to Chris for popping over here today!

Hey guys and gals, in case you didn’t know May 16th is National Flash Fiction Day in the UK. What with the newly elected Premier of Queensland (my home state) deciding to axe the Premier’s Literary Awards the day he took power, I thought it might be pertinent to put out a little book of flash fiction to hand out to cafes, record stores and the general public on the day, to remind them of how much they might lose. So, basically, this is me putting out a call for submissions .

There is no monetary payment (I’m a writer – I’m broke) just a good chance of you being published (in a photocopied little booklet, that gets given away for free.) Naturally, I will include links to your blogs, and will publish the stories under whatever name you want them published under – if you so choose. I will also email the magazine/chapbook/booklet to you, and it’d be GREAT if you then chose to distribute it yourselves as well, we are writers, after all, and what other goal is there for a writer other than to collect readers?

There’s no theme – other than not being too offensive. The occasional “fuck”, if well placed, is not going to offend too many people. The idea is to showcase the variety that can be achieved in so few words – probably less than 1000. To try and reignite the interest in short stories in particular and fiction in general.

If there are enough submissions we may put out more than one pamphlet/booklet and divide those by theme – maybe.

Let me know if you’re interested, my email is

The DEADLINE is the 10th of May. Up to three stories per author. Groovy, that should be all…

Thanks in advance everyone!


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