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July 9, 2012

Once Upon A Time.. Unexpected Fairytales – Tiny Stories to Scare You!

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I am very excited to announce another anthology published which contains my work. Once Upon a Time – Unexpected Fairytales is brimming with bite sized and startling flash fiction. Some will thrill, others will disturb; but all will leave you wondering if the fairytales we had been told when we were younger were really the whole truth.

My story, “Weaving Lost Notes” has birthed a whole new set of characters for me to play with, so I am sure this will not be the last readers will hear from them.

The stories were all contest entries for the Once Upon a Time flash fiction contest of Unexpected Fairytales, hosted by Anna Meade fromYearning for Wonderland and Susi Holliday from SJI Holliday for the Flash Fiction Day held in May. They had a whopping 88 entries into the contest, and, with the inclusion of their own stories, that will make 90 stories for the anthology.

I understand that the anthology is available in paperback and kindle and sold on Amazon, with all proceeds to charity.  For a bargain of $4, you can go past it for value.  I love the coverwork and am thrilled to be part of it.  I was especially delighted to see so many ‘familiar faces’ being part of this anthology. (click on the link to see the other authors!)

Please pop over to Amazon, click the ‘like’ button and share it amongst your network.


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