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July 28, 2012

Little Steps

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This months theme over at Write Anything asked its regular writers to reflect on what they believe is their greatest triumph in their craft.

As someone who stumbled into madness of words, sucked in the world of writing, without ever planning or meaning to, I take every achievement I reach as a triumph. I began to write as an extension of self expression and fearfully branched out into non fiction to share my expertise and experience on a few subjects. My best friend encouraged me to try flash fiction.. and well… I’ve not stopped. Each step has given me immeasurable thrills, boosting a non existent confidence out of the shadows; encouraging me to walk in the sunshine.

The word triumph is generally accepted as a feeling of happiness or satisfaction stemming from a major achievement. The Oxford Dictionary defines it as ‘a great victory or joy resulting from a success‘.  With no clear decision as to what achieving success or triumph as a writer means, I have stumbled along my journey, blind at best.   Though I’ve set small goals along the way, its become increasingly clear, as with any career path, that I need to formulate a strategic plan to gain true success.

My experience of success in any field, comes from continuous small steps. I celebrate each tiny totter toward a bigger achievement. Perhaps you share some of these successes as well. What a thrill:

  •  To have that first comment from the endless expanse of the internet posted under a story.
  • To be invited to be a writer for a respected website.
  • To make the ‘first cut’ in an international competition.
  • To have the first story accepted into an anthology where you are a complete stranger.
  • To hold a book containing your work.
  • To be a place-winner in a big competition.
  • To be asked to be a judge in an international competition
  • To sign your name in the cover of a book containing your work.
  • To be paid to speak in a writers festival.
  • To have your name listed on the front of a book.
  • To be asked to speak at an international workshop.

I struggle to determine what ‘achievement’ truly defines ‘making it’ as a writer. I’m not convinced that having a book published is the end all and be all of success; at least for me.  Before I start my strategic plan, perhaps I need to decide what a successful writer is or does – and continue to rejoice in each little step. I invite you pop a few champagne corks with me as I go.


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