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September 30, 2012

The End and Death

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Most tarot decks contain a card associated with death.  When this is drawn, the majority of people suck in their breath, hearts hammering and begin to wonder when this event will strike their lives. Despite the readers assurances, most believe that this card foretells a physical death. Although death represents the end of something, it also promises the beginning or birth of something new. It is with this in mind that writers aught embrace the completion or ending of a project, rather than mourn and lament its passing.

Writing or reading; if the story has been compelling, characters engaging and reality has been dispelled for a short time, no-one enjoys the realisation that the little world created must come to an end. Characters embed themselves into your psyche, their challenges and journeys align with your own as the connection between the words and you strengthen.  Regardless of how a story ends, we experience a small death as it completes. Its little wonder that there is a moment of grief when the last word is typed or last draft sent to the editor.

Death is as much a part of the cycle of life as birth is. It has been associated with the Great Mother who is both the giver and taker of life. An ending or death is a time to face your fears and step up to welcome the change about to happen. As a writer, an ending is a time to honour the journey already undertaken and appreciate what is about to happen. Its about making way for new characters, new adventures and better writing.

Many Tarot cards depict death looking off to the side or moving with purpose. The end of things, like death, do not wait for individuals. Often we can’t see the see the bigger picture so its at these times we need to accept the situations as it unfolds. An ending, like the death card requires us to accept without judgement as the key to peace.

Akin to the metamorphosis a butterfly makes from chrysalis, the growth of a writer can only continue if they accept that they have changed and are ready to  test their wings.  Although there is the temptation to review and re-edit a story, there is the realisation that you have grown and moved on in your own journey. For a positive transformation, its important to first remove all that was unwanted and leave the past behind.

An ending of an event, a friendship, partnership or story can be seen as an opportunity to welcome change. For many, this is a challenge, as change often requires us to leave the old and and move into to something new at the expense of our comfortable ways. The ending of something can be a dark or lonely journey to begin with, but like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, a colourful experience is assured at the end of the tunnel.


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