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December 2, 2012

How do you find the good Indie books?

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 by Guest Writer Tahlia Newland

If you have an ereader, you’ve probably come across a few Indie books, books that are either self-published, or published by an Independent publisher where the author retains copyright and artistic control. If you want something a bit different, you’ll only find it amongst the Indies, and Indie books are steadily gaining a higher profile due to a self-imposed industry push for high standards, so if you’ve been burned by a bad one, don’t let that stop you discovering the gems.

Indie authors have the freedom to write outside the normal boxes. In particular you’ll find a lot of cross-genre works, ones that have been knocked back by mainstream publishers not because they’re badly written, but simply because they combine more than one genre. Apparently, this makes them difficult to market. Personally, I find them more interesting than the usual faire on offer.

Some Indie books are clearly substandard, but many are every bit as good as a book you would pay more for if it was published by a traditional publishing house. The trouble for readers is how do you find the good ones?

It doesn’t take you long to discover that

  • you can’t tell a book by its cover or its blurb
  • even if you peek inside, a book can start out with promise and plummet to miserable depths very quickly
  • reader’s reviews can be unreliable. Readers know what they like, but they don’t necessarily recognise when the story is poorly written. If you do, then you want a more reliable method of recommendation.
  • Just because a book hits the top 100 on Amazon doesn’t mean it’s good. It could be selling well because it’s free.

Of course, you can just follow the recommendations of your favorite reviewers, but many don’t review Indies, and even if they do, they are often so full up with books to read that it’s difficult for Indie authors to get a review.

So you look for sites that list Indie books and you find

  • sites where authors pay to be featured. All they are telling you is which author has an advertising budget.
  • sites where authors don’t pay to be featured but there is no quality basis for the listing.
  • sites where books are listed based on reader reviews.

What you need is a site where books are listed based on quality as evaluated by professionals in the publishing industry, people who know their craft well enough to know if the book is well written or not.

There is such a site. It’s called the Awesome Indies. Books listed on this site have passed stringent criteria for quality. The idea is that only books that meet the same standards as books published by mainstream publishers make the listing, and it’s not easy to get onto. Every review is checked for authenticity and every reviewer must have approved qualifications. I’ve read a few books published by mainstream publishers who wouldn’t make it onto the Awesome Indies list.

I buy all my Indie books through the Awesome Indies site because I can guarantee that they will be well written. All my books made it onto the list.

How do you kill a demon that feeds on fear? This is the problem that Ariel has to solve in my latest YA contemporary fantasy Lethal Inheritance. I hope you’ll check it out.

Oh, and how would you feel if you woke up from what you thought was a dream and discovered your mother missing, bruises on your neck and the creature from your dream hiding in a photo? Yeap, you should definitely check it out.

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 Will the Awesome Indies site be useful for you?

 This guest post is by Tahlia Newland, author of the YA contemporary fantasy,  Lethal Inheritance and the acclaimed, You Can’t Shatter Mea YA novel about inspiring and empowering ways to deal with bullying. 




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