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December 21, 2012


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I am writing this post as the new era of the world is dawning; that is to say post Mayan Apocalyptic date. Admit it, deep down, somewhere there was a thought; even for a second, which sparked the question – “What if it IS the end of the world?” It’s that finality which stops us in our tracks and forces us to review where we have been. Did all your unfinished projects, business and complicated relationships haunt you? Perhaps there was a flood of regret about the things you haven’t experienced yet? Hopefully these things were overshadowed by thoughts of all your achievements and great memories.

It seems impossible that I have just submitted my last post for Write Anything. After being invited as a writer for Write Stuff five years ago, the statistics tell me that I’ve written just under 200 posts. My hope is that some of the advice I dished out was meaningful and assisted those who read it. I know I have learn alot from the interactions, critiques and articles shared on the site over the years. Writing for me has always been a path of discovery, a journey of reaffirming things I may know, or skills I need strengthening. For growth to occur in anything there is a point where something has to change or alter in order for a new opportunity to present itself. Sometimes that change has to be an end or a completion.

Through my involvement with Write Stuff and its evolved identity Write Anything, I’ve gained some wonderful friendships, been taught life skills in a range of levels and am thankful for these lessons. Its a tough call to announce the end of something so many people have fond memories and strong emotions about; but it is the right one for many reasons.

The Mayans celebrate the end of this calendar with a vigour and excitement, not because it predicts the end of the world, but rather the end of an era. With their calendars spanning 395 years, they view time in a cyclical way, rather than our western linear view.

Similarly, the announcement of Write Anything as an interactive site is not the end; but a completion of a cycle. New projects, exciting opportunities and refreshed friendships will emerge, growing from strength to strength in the new year.

I am excited about the next ‘leg’ of my journey with writing and can only hope I find a great group or site to journey with.


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