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October 5, 2014

Faye Williams – Author Spotlight – Twisted Tales 2014

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fayeFaye Williams lives on the south coast of England with her husband and two sons. She is a computer programmer, ruthless minimalist, ex-backpacker and Tomb Raider fan. She won the CyberTalk Flash Fiction Competition 2014 and has stories on FlashFloodJournal 2014 and Ether Books.

Faye’s  flash fiction, Love Cures All , is one of the 13 chosen by a panel of judges to be included in the upcoming Twisted Tales Anthology, Published by Raging Aardvark Publishing.

 She has kindly agreed to be interviewed about her story and of her writing.

The Title of your Flash. Love Cures All

What was your initial motivation or prompt to write this story?

I used to love reading short stories with a twist when I was a child. When I was about ten or eleven I bought several paperbacks containing short stories for less than a £1 in a second hand bookstore. I read them many, many times over the years. The darkness of those stories has always been an influence!

Is the character in your story a reoccurring character in your writing?

Goodness, no. I don’t tend to revisit my characters – I like to leave them to live their own lives after we’re through.

What sort of message of feeling are you hoping you leave your audience with?

That good things can come of the darkest situations.

What sort of stories do you normally write? (Is this story a break from your norm?)

No – I’m doing a lot of flash fiction at the moment. Partly because my time is limited and partly because I love the idea of a big story in a small space.

Why is that?

As above!

What projects or new story lines do you have coming up in the near future?

I’m working on a novel, and a non-fiction text, as well as intermittent flash fiction whenever I feel inspired.

Do you enter many competitions for flash fiction?

I’ve recently entered four and been a winner in two, which I am absolutely thrilled about. Honestly – I’ve kept my fiction a secret for so many years it’s incredible to find that someone out there apart from me might enjoy reading it.

Are you a member of a writing group – either online or a physical one?


Do you think these groups help or hinder a writers journey? Why?

I know several writers who love their writing groups, and a certain level of criticism and feedback is useful, but I think you can fall into the trap of writing to please the group’s opinion when really you should be writing from your heart. There will always be people who love and people who hate your work.

What encouragement or advice do you have for emerging writers of flash fiction?

Read. Read. Read.

Really widely. Classics, bestsellers, different genres, everything.

What you read, along with your life experiences shapes your unique voice.

How can others follow your journey?  Twitter – Website


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