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October 7, 2014

g.g.Nota – Author in the Spotlight for Twisted Tales 2014

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g.g.Nota has written 47 stories, 14 poems and 9 uncurated in the genres: Crime & Thriller, Historical Drama, Flash Fiction, Romance, Competitions, Poetry, Erotica, Dark Humour, and Contemporary

Creative / Commercial careers, being what they are, are comprised of compromise. Time and Circumstance have allowed g.g. Nota the opportunity to come back to the fundamental joy of expressive, progressive, solitude in the (free) form and flow of written word and personal imagery. He welcomes the opportunity to invite readers to read his  blog.

The Title of your Flash?      


What was your initial motivation or prompt to write this story?

Things I’ve recently experienced…the inevitable: Love and Loss in Life’s Final Act.

What sort of message or feeling are you hoping you leave your audience with?

I leave that up to the words and the reader. I hope it’s personal.

Is this story a break from your norm?

I try not to ‘norm’. I guess I go through phases, or pick up a ‘riff’ that I might play with, but I don’t write symphonies – I write short stories primarily so I can mix it up. If it starts out as Flash and ends up a Poem, as some have, then so be it…I’m often surprised at the ending. If I’m laughing, that’s also a big plus.

Why is that?

It’s the flow of things. I don’t care to dissect it, for fear I destroy it.

What projects or new story lines do you have coming up in the near future?

I’m working on a compilation of shorts, oddly enough entitled –

“LURID SHORTS & SORDID LAUNDRY”…dark tales, some humorous, some raunchy, some stone-cold serious, as is the case with  “…Flag”

Do you enter many competitions for flash fiction?

Very few. I don’t seek them out, but if something sparks or there’s a challenge, I might jump in. I also enjoy a quick mental exercise…fire some new neurons.

Are you a member of a writing group – either online or a physical one?

I’m a member of the Ether Writers online…but generally not a joiner.

Do you think these groups help or hinder a writers journey? Why?

Up to the individual. I have gained some insight, and shared experiences with others whom I very much respect. I’m quite shy about self promotion, so I observe and absorb, but I don’t ‘hang out’ and discuss ‘the craft’. I’m a fairly ‘primitive’ writer with a background of mixed disciplines – if a painting speaks to you, the painter need not verbalize. So I don’t wade into groups too deep. For me,

“Over analysis kills the prose”.

What encouragement or advice do you have for emerging writers of flash fiction?


How can others follow your journey? Blogspot  EtherBooks GooglePlus

Nota Remains a Mystery:

There is No Nota. 

Dark the night

Nota is a Non

Nota is a void

an infinite Negative

plunging hole

that sucks

you out

of yourself


the soul





                as you fall

     so far

          in endless                     


                     There is No Nota

                             Nota no home.


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