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October 10, 2014

Twisted Tales 2014 – Anthology Launch

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Raging Aardvarks latest publication has officially launched over at Amazon.   An ebook will be made available later in November. At 90 pages, its a small book which will pack a punch. Stories held within are disturbing, intriguing and will leave you with that feeling you need not only look over your shoulder, but will to read it again to pick up on the clues you missed on first reading.

Twisted Tales is an annual flash fiction competition celebrating (Inter)National Flash Fiction Day, published by Raging Aardvark Publications.

Champion the short story and its derivatives, Raging Aardvark Publications ultimately aims to provide a space for emerging writers to demonstrate to a wider community their talents and to foster positive growth within the community for these authors.

Judged by a panel of experienced short story writers and editors, submissions over the last three years have been extremely high quality; making the job of the judge a difficult one. Authors are drawn from around the globe and stories ranging from lighthearted tales of childhood memories, to gruesome stories to make the reader shiver.

They are delighted to welcome Kate Murray as the artist of the cover for this year. Her chilling piece was inspired by one of the stories within the anthology.

a gate to nowhere003

The Twisted Tales collection of flash fiction explores the twisted existence of love, family and relationships as characters seek a sense of self and identity. Flash Fiction  as a form, requires the writer to choose each word with the intention to portray dozens of emotions and images. Whilst twisted doesn’t necessarily mean morbid, its edginess can be whimsical, playful or disturbing. Our selection of twisted tales explodes out of the page and drags the reader deep into its reality, continuing to haunt them after the page has been closed. Filled with a mixture of stories, some stories will make you think , a few smile and others force you to reach for your security blanket.

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