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November 14, 2014

Review of short story anthology – Awesome Allshorts

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Awesome Allshorts have just published its latest short story anthology subtitled Last Days, Lost Ways. This collection of 26 stories  were handpicked from both emerging and established writers from Europe, the USA,  Australia and New Zealand.

Amy Spahn, Bill Kirton, Bruce Louis Dodson, Charles Ray, Colleen Grimes, C. Jay, Dixiane Hallaj, G.J. Berger, Joan Kerr, Jonathan Gould, Kate Policani, Kathleen Jones, M T. McGuire, Marsha Cornelius, Mary Maddox, Richard Bunning, Shauna Bickley, Simon J. Townley, Tahlia Newland, and Thaddeus Howze present a peek into the spectacular moments everyday life holds, but with a twist.

The collection opens with a bang with a story by Tahlia Newland. Intriguing to the last paragraph, I was surprised to find it was an excerpt from her newest project. It sits perfectly as a short story and a wonderful teaser into what looks to be an exciting premise.

Each story has an incredible depth and texture to them, that, although is specific to its own style, melds beautifully as a collection.  The human condition is explored where the reader is challenged to reassess their perspectives on stereotypes and events. Post apocalyptic tales sit comfortably with personalised stories like fragmented memories; separate, but with a golden thread holding them together. Heart-wrenching, whimsical, tear-jerking and lighthearted there is a story to suit all moods and readers tastes.

It is difficult to chose a favourite story, with a wrestling loving gran meeting her idol, to emotional trials of marriages breaking apart or forming, futuristic zombies and maids from a gentler time.

Authors are recognised in their own right with multiple honours and prizes and although the anthology is an eclectic mixture of genre, reading one after the other only highlights the complexity and intrigue each story brings.

A great book to stash into someones Christmas stocking for some fireside holiday reading, Awesome Allshorts is set to be a winner in your readers life.

Awesome Allshorts is available from Amazon


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