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June 18, 2015

Twisted Tales Flash Fiction contest 2015 – the Longlist

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Twisted Tales is an anthology of the best Flash Fiction for the year and celebrates one of the shorter forms of short stories; with entries under 750 words. Published by Raging Aardvark Publishing, it also works with the mobile phone app ether books in order to expose the entries to new readership and further promote flash fiction as a form of choice for readers.

This years competition has closed and judging has begun, with the first round of letters circulating.

We have 45 wonderful Flash Fiction stories which have made the first cut in the selection process. With a huge response and such high quality entries, its made choosing entires difficult. Congratulations to all those who are listed below. A short list is expected within 48 hours.


The Ritual – Phillip Temples

Schrodinger in Exile – Thaisa Frank

Burning Bright – Steve Wade

Goodbye Cruel World – Warren Glover

Counting to Paradise – Tina Pisco

Crash – Keith Gillison

17th Street Blues – Carleton Chinner

The Stain – Andrew Hogan

Sugar Sweet – Barbara Stevenson

Palatable – Susan O’Reilly

Party Line Content – Wilson Engel

For Sale – Vesna McMaster

A Story with a Twist – JJ Toner

Trafalgar Square Moment. – Andrew Baguley

Over The top – Guy Bolton

Forty Winks and a Nod – H. W. Moss

Calorie Counters – Beverly Lucey

What’s a mother to do? – Tina Pisco

Doctor’s Orders – Karen Storey

“Ghost for Dinner” – Ana Prundaru

Dave – Keith Gillison

Empty Seat – G.M. Reinfeldt

Message Understood – Susan Howe

The Cabin – Miranda Boers

The Ransom – Hank Johnson

Hard Time – Nick Johns

Petrichor – Margie Riley

Not Everyone Likes Apples – Patrick O’Connor

Bianca – Gwen Hart

Silhouette – Allan Heller

Campfile Conversation – Lennart Lundh

Just one Fix – Bradford Middleton

Vixen Simon – Sylvester

The Bunk Bed Incident – Allan Heller

A Good Boy Killer – Gareth Cadogan

Liberty – Gareth Cadogan

Crank Call – Phil Rossi

Elevation – Vesna McMaster

The New Thieves – Thaisa Frank

A Man Tries To Get Back In – Warren Glover

Just a Little Further Now – Claudette Young

The Curious Cutco Incident – John Gorman

Friday Roses – Cath Bore

Freefall – Ray Johnstone

Debut – Therese Edmonds

People’s Choice is a fun (voluntary) competition run parallel to Twisted Tales in conjunction with etherBooks  and is open to all entrants who submitted a flash fiction with Twisted Tales this year.  It runs for a fortnight from the 27th of June till the 11th of July. Pop over to ethers website to download the app for your smartphone and start voting!


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