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June 20, 2015

Twisted Tales 2015 – Line up

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Twisted Tales 2015 – Line up 

Congratulations to the following authors who have been selected to appear  in this years Twisted Tales Anthology.

This was an extremely tight competition and judged by 8 top judges who specialise in the short story form. The judges have enjoyed reading all the stories and after deliberation, have produced our choices, based on a judging matrix.

The Peoples Choice  and Judges Choice story may or may not be within this list as it is judged separately under different conditions. The Peoples Choice Story will appear as the first story in the anthology, with the Judges choice being the second.

Peoples Choice ( as voted by the readers on etherbooks) for Twisted Tales 2015 goes to Guy Bolton with his ‘heart in the mouth’ story, “Over The Top”.

It was an extremely tough decision had to be made to select the Judges Choice. The deliciously textural richness of  “Vixen” by Simon Sylvester will be honoured as the second story in the anthology.

This list will appear both here and on the facebook pages and will be tweeted to congratulate those involved.  Titles appear in a random order and may not reflect the order which they will be placed in the anthology.

The top scoring 12 stories are:

Counting to Paradise by Tina Pisco
Vixen by Simon Sylvester
Bianca by Gwen Hart
Message Understood by Susan Howe
Whats a mother to do by Tina Pisco
The Bunk Bed Incident by Allan Heller
Elevation by Vesna McMaster
Dave by Keith Gillison
The New Thieves by Thaisa Frank
Debut by Therese Edmonds
Friday Roses by Cath Bore
The Cabin by Miranda Boers


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