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April 17, 2016

Twisted Tales Flash Fiction Competition Opens for Submissions

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Celebrating International Flash Fiction Day, this annual anthology is seeking submissions between 350 and 750 words.  Twisted Tales is in its 5th year of running and has been thrilled with the extremely high calibre of talented entries.

DEADLINE – Saturday 4th of June 2016

Submissions are only accepted through Submittable.

Previously published works are most welcome to be entered – however it must attributed appropriately and permission for re-publication is the responsibility of the author to obtain. Please do check with this, as proper copyright is extremely important.

Theme: Twisted Tales. Please note that this DOES NOT MEAN sick, twisted tales of gore, brutal murder, rape, torture and horror. We are looking for stories which have a twist at the end – a surprise, a shock, a revelation… shock us…. surprise us.. but don’t revolt us.

Genre:  Open Flash Fiction. (No poetry please)

Judging Criteria : The normal stuff – stories which grab the reader’s attention and then leaves a surprise or has a twist at the end.

Who are the judges?

Stories will be judged on a strict marking matrix by a panel of editors and experienced short story writers who have both published and competed in similar competitions.

The 12 top scoring stories will be selected for publication. One story will be chosen as the judges favourite (It may or may not be one that scored highly, but amused, intrigued or delighted the panel).

In addition, purely for fun, all entrants may choose to load their stories onto ether ( see details once you have submitted) and allow the readers to choose via votes for a “Peoples Choice” ( This is purely voluntary and does not detract nor influencein any way the scored matrix the judges use)


Your flash fiction MUST have a twist at the end.
1. Strictly up to two submissions per author. (please submit as separate documents- i.e you need to load it twice)

2. Raging Aardvark Publications acquires first time Australian rights upon publication. ( All that means is that we have the right to use it once only, for the purpose of this collection) All other rights revert to the author.

3. All stories must be submitted by midnight AEST on the  4th of June 2016.

4. A Long List will be announce and congratulate on International Flash Fiction Day, 25th of June 2016.

The top 12 scoring stories in addition to the Judges Choice and Peoples Choice stories will be notified via email and congratulations posted on the facebook page  on the 16th July 2016.

All entries will have the opportunity to be published via etherbooks.

Winning entries will be collated into an ebook anthology which will be made FREELY available from the website and possibly other sites which would promote the work. These details will be consolidated closer to the ebook publication and successful entrants notified of these plans.

The printed (hard copy) publication of Twisted Tales has the projected publication of November 2016.

It would be awesome if you then chose to distribute the free e-book yourselves and promote etherbooks through your own networks . As writers, one of our main goals is to have your work enjoyed and to collect readers. Right?

5. Length: Strictly between 350 and 750 words ( title and bio is not included in the wordcount)

6. No gratuitous violence or content which may be deemed racially, sexually or religiously offensive, defamatory or demeaning. If in doubt, contact the editor BEFORE submission. Profanity and sexual content are acceptable as long as it is contextually appropriate.

7. All stories must be beta read, line edited and proof read prior to submission. NO RESUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED DUE TO LACK OF PROOFREADING. However, if your story is chosen to appear within the anthology, there will be opportunity to work with an editor to conduct minor polish before publication.

8. Stories must be formatted in an easily read typeface and must not have indented paragraphs. If selected to be part of the anthology all stories will be formatted in a serif style chosen by the head editor.

(PS – This step is only here as some programs will allow formatting on text when you cut and paste it into the box. Otherwise, don’t stress about this!)

9. Only stories written in English will be considered.

10. All entries are to be submitted via the form on Submittable. Press the button saying ‘submit’ if you have an account , it will take you straight to the next step. If not, sign up ( its free) and submit then.

Other notes on submitting –

At present, there is a box asking for the title of your story. Below this box is another which says “Cover Letter” Please copy your bio and your story into this space. ( over the next few months this box title may change, but you get the idea)

No entries will be accepted from any other source. This form DOES NOT have an option for attaching your story. Please only cut and paste it into the box saying ‘cover letter’

11. Please include a short bio of less than 50 words at the TOP of your story. It would be super if you also put the word count underneath your title.

If your piece is successful, you’ll be asked if you’d like to  include a headshot, links to your writing website and networking sites. These will be included underneath your successful entry on the website,  These will be taken down after the International Flash Fiction day has ended.

12. Fees

US$3 per entry.

Unfortunately, due to alterations in the way the submissions website handles entries and access for our judges, we need to charge a small fee to cover the costs they charge us to run this competition.

13.  Prizes. 

1st (top scoring flash fiction) $50

2nd ( story scoring second highest) $20

3rd  (story scoring third highest) $10

Judges Choice (story voted by judges as their favourite – see above for explanation) $20

Prizes are in US$ and will be sent as either an Amazon gift voucher or as a paypal transfer in US$ ONLY.

There is no other payment for the other successful entries – apart from the immense sense of satisfaction of knowing your work is being read and enjoyed by other writers and readers – oh and all the fame and glory attached to being published – of course.

14. There is no contributor copies sent out.

We would dearly love to send you a free copy, but Twisted Tales Anthology operates as an ‘at cost’ publication, meaning that the price Amazon charges for the printed version is cents above what it ACTUALLY costs them to print it = no profit to Raging Aardvark.  For this reason, there is no payment or contributor copies of the printed anthology sent to successful writers. However, the e-book will be sent for free distribution to all contributors.

15. Winning entries may be subject to minor editing, which will be negotiated with the author. No changes will be published without the authors permission.

Please ensure your story meets ALL criteria before submitting and that you agree to ALL points before entering.

Submissions are only accepted through Submittable.

Good Luck!


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