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June 22, 2016

Renee 810 by Alexander Olson

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Happy New Year Eric!
12:00am 1/01/16

Oh? It’s the New Year?
12:01am 1/01/15

Uh yeah lol. Where have you been?
12:01am 1/01/16

I’ve been around. Just floating around
12:03am 1/01/16

okaaaaay. any new year’s resolutions? Janie and I are planning on joining a gym. Janie says she wants an ass like Kim K
12:04am 1/01/16

Why are you texting me Renee? We broke up months ago
12:07am 1/01/16

I thought we were still friends??? What’s going on with you? No ones seen you in weeks. Bobby says you havent been to class. thinks ur really depressed. Are you using again?
12:07am 1/01/16

I haven’t used in years, you know that.
12:08am 1/01/16

Then what??
12:08am 1/01/16

I just feel… different. Like I’m looking at everything from behind a pane of glass. A fogged up pane of glass. I keep wiping it but I can’t see any clearer. It’s cold out here, really cold.
12:20am 1/01/16

You sound weird. you want me to come over?
12:21am 1/01/16

No, Renee. We broke up, quit trying to put it back together again.
12:22am 1/01/16

That is NOT what I’m doing! Jesus Christ Eric, I’m jsut worried about you! Look, this party is getting lame anyway, Mickey and Jake keep making out in front of everyone and Bobby says we’re almost out of booze. How about I take a cab over and we jsut watch those Best of 2015 videos or something?
12:22am 1/01/16

I’m not home.
12:27am 1/01/16

Well where are you??
12:27am 1/01/16

12:55am 1/01/16

I don’t know. It’s cold and dark here. There’s a window and I can see out of it and I can see the world, like it’s a TV and people keep moving around in it. It’s a police show.
12:57am 1/01/16

Eric jsut tell me if you’re high. It’s ok.
12:57am 1/01/16

I’m not. I don’t think I am. The police are in a bedroom. S’funny, it looks like my bedroom. There’s even my R2D2 beer cooler in the corner.
1:00am 1/01/16

Am I dreaming?
1:02am 1/01/16

No I’m awake and I’m scared. I’m coming over.
1:03am 1/01/16

I’m not home.
1:04am 1/01/16

There’s police all around your house! Eric, what’s going on?? Caution tape on your door?
1:45am 1/01/16

Idk, I’m not home.
1:45am 1/01/16

Eric, an officer just said that the guy who lived in your apartment killed himself. What’s happening?
1:52am 1/01/16

I don’t get it, I live alone. Why are the police in my room. I see them.
1:55am 1/01/16

Hey Renee! I see you! They let you in my room!
2:12am 1/01/16

Who is this? Who has eric’s phone? This is sick, you hear me! IM TELLING THE COPS
2:13am 1/01/16

It’s me, Renee. I don’t know what you’re talking about I
2:15am 1/01/16

3:00am 1/01/16


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  1. Ooooooooh, GOOD ONE.

    I wish I’d written that!


    Comment by ganymeder — June 26, 2016 @ 10:11 am | Reply

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