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June 22, 2016

Sky by Kate Murray

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Darkness is all I feel at first, like a pressure on my chest making it hard to breathe and even harder to open my eyes. It doesn’t shift. It is just there. I try to remember. Was I in bed?

I can’t move. I remember watching a documentary once about night terrors. People sat on grey chairs in a grey room and described how they would wake and see someone near them. But they themselves would be unable to move, stuck in one position while the thing glided across the floor and reached for them. I remember not believing that it could happen to me, that I could become effectively paralysed by my own fear.

I can’t move though. It could be a night terror. There could be something stalking me….

Then I hear laughter.

It isn’t with me… It’s an echo. Am I hearing someone from far away or is this part of my dream?

As that thought floats through my head a drop lands on my face. It is fat, cold and wet. I feel my face flinch at the impact and it acts like a switch. I can feel my face. I open my eyes. There is darkness, but not like before. Now there is a lightness of air around me. I look up and can see clouds rushing past a full moon.

I try to smile but I can’t feel the muscles move in my mouth. I guess they aren’t responding, which should bother me. But all I feel is calm.


The cry comes from inside my head and I frown in confusion. It’s like the echo. There but not there.

“Want to go out?”

I should know that voice… It should mean something to me.

Another drop hits my face and I see that there are a thousand jewels in the sky. They are hanging in the air but moving so slowly. It dawns on me that I’m seeing water drops. The dream must be working in slow motion though, because it is as if someone has hit a button on a remote. I used to do that when I watched movies, especially to look at beautiful men.

“Come on, Susan, hurry up!”

I know that voice.

A drop hits my eye and although I see it coming so slowly I can’t get my eyelid closed in time. It hits with the force of a tennis ball and my eye stings as a thousand shocks go through my body. Then I see her.


My sister.

She is smiling and holding out my jacket, the light purple one. The one we always argue whether it is lilac or purple. Purple, I think, but Ally doesn’t answer.

She smiles and hands me the coat. We walk out of the door and I can see the clouds are threatening.

“Where are we going?” I ask

“There’s a film I want to see.”

We jump into her small fiat and are off. She drives too fast but we know the roads. We are safe, surrounded by car. Nothing can go wrong. Then we see a bird, with large black wings and a sharp beak. It tries to take off, but at the last minute Ally turns the steering wheel. We head for a hedge. The bird hits the undercarriage and is gone instantly in a haze of feathers and blood.

Someone screams. It is me.

Then I feel another drop hit my face. Does it hit my face or am I crying? I try to turn my head. I try to see Ally but I can’t. All I can do is watch the jewels fall toward me in ever slowing movement. I smell petrol and a part of me wonders if I ought to move. I have seen movies where cars flip and blow up. And something like that must have happened. I’m on my back in the dirt. I can feel the gravel and mud. It’s cold.

But there is no moving.

The only thing moving are the jewels, but they are so beautiful. I think I’ll just watch them for a while.

“You okay, Susan?” The voice is more than an echo but I can’t even blink a reply. I’m just too tired and all I want to say is to tell them to look. It is so beautiful.



  1. a very moving story. Thank you.


    Comment by Anita — June 23, 2016 @ 6:33 pm | Reply

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