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June 22, 2016

The Midnight Hotdog by Bradley Hall

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The Midnight Hotdog wooed all the ladies in the Fridge Town of Dairy Air, but the one who stole his heart was Mrs. Mustard, who even though she was married to Sauer Kraut, loved Hotdog with all her being.

The town of Dairy Air was perpetually dark; the only time the sun rose was the intermittent period when it seemed as though the town were spilt in half. Each time this happened, residents would disappear, sometimes never to return again. The lucky ones who were returned were never quite the same, they had a feeling that “they weren’t all there.”

One day, Hotdog rode into town for the annual Dairy Air Horseradish Rodeo, and as usual, Mr. Mustard was there to greet Hotdog. They talked about old time, friend’s gone, new arrivals, basic small talk. Neither one would dare mention the love they shared for each other, for in a town like Dairy Air, word travels fast.

Soon, it was time for Hotdog to leave and ready himself for the rodeo. They exchanged pleasant good-byes and Mrs. Mustard bid Hotdog good luck in the rodeo.

Later in the day, during the rodeo, Hotdog won in every event he was in. The Shrimp wrangling competition, the cheese log race, and the sausage roundup were all won by Hotdog.

Unable to hold herself back, Mrs. Mustard ran out onto the field and embraced Hotdog and smothered him with a kiss.

Sauer Kraut was disgusted that his faithful wife would do such a thing, in front of the whole town no less.

Mrs. Mustard didn’t care, she’d hold onto Hotdog for the rest of her life, which she did, for in that instant, the light came and snatched Hotdog and Mrs. Mustard from the town. Neither were seen again.


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  1. This seems like a story to tell children at lunchtime! ☺


    Comment by ganymeder — June 26, 2016 @ 10:06 am | Reply

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