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June 22, 2016

The Third Sphere by Lindsey McLeod i

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I lay twisted on the road, left cheek squashed against the hot tarmac. I could hear blood bubbling through my nose with every wheeze. An angel stood over me, scroll in hand.

‘Don’t go into the light, Will. It’s not your time.’

I squinted up at her with my working eye. ‘What light?’

She looked around. ‘The light. Like at the end of the tunnel?’

Overhead the blue sky stretched endlessly. Route 66 was not known for its tunnels. Or obstacles. It was a miracle that I had managed to crash my bike in the first place. I struggled to sit up. There was surprisingly little pain. My left arm swung uselessly, obviously broken.

She consulted the scroll. ‘Are you… are you not going into the light?’

‘Well you just told me not to. Which is it?’

‘Definitely don’t.’


She looked perplexed. ‘I don’t think you’re supposed to be able to see me.’

My bike lay several feet away. Behind it, a long smear of red coated the road. My face felt hot and sticky. I suspected I did not currently look my most dashing.

Her brown eyes were brimming with compassion. Her hair was a Hokusai painting – blonde, sculpted waves which flowed and draped around her shoulders. She was nibbling a fingernail with intense concentration, like a starving hamster. I was in love.

‘Could you call me an ambulance?’

‘Someone will be along shortly. I’m just here to make sure you don’t go into the light.’

‘I think we’ve established that I won’t.’

‘Right. Good.’

We stared at each other.

‘I’m your guardian angel,’ she said, a flush of embarrassment spreading across alabaster cheeks. ‘I’m sorry, I was only assigned to you this morning and I’m afraid I’m not very good at it. There’s an admin strike going on Upstairs.’


‘Upstairs,’ she repeated, as if that would clear things up. Her wings fluttered as she shrugged. ‘You know. Upstairs.’

‘Right, right.’ I changed tack. ‘Can I see you again?’

‘Only when you get close to death. I mean, you shouldn’t really be seeing me at all, but-‘

‘Then I guess I’m going to be taking up some dangerous hobbies.’

‘That’s,’ she paused for a moment, looking down at me, ‘incredibly stupid.’

‘I’ve never been a smart man. What’s good? Diving? Skiing? Mafia-related hobby?’

She gave this some thought. ‘Become a taxi driver.’


‘There’s all the potential danger of regular traffic accidents, plus violent passengers,’ she ticked these off on her fingers, ‘and falling asleep at the wheel is becoming a huge problem in this economy. People trying to make ends meet, you know?’

A siren wailed in the distance. ‘Wait, what’s your name?’

She was already fading. ‘I’ll tell you next time.’


‘How’d he take it?’ the secretary asked.

‘Like they all do,’ Lucifer said, striding into the royal quarters, ‘like a chump.’

She tossed the scroll to a waiting minion and carelessly shrugged off her wings. They hit the floor with a feathery, muted thud.

‘Tasty bait, but we could have had one of the younglings do it, you know,’ the secretary said, scribbling on a clipboard. “Plenty of minor demons waiting for a chance to prove themselves.”

‘Sometimes I feel the need to get out for a while,’ Lucifer said, sprawling on the vast, cast-iron throne, and kicking her heels off, ‘really stretch myself. Besides, Will’s important. Not hugely so, in the scheme of things, but important enough. It’ll be fun to break him.’


‘How’d she take it, O Lord?’ the seraph asked, as I handed him the motorbike helmet.

‘Like they all do,’ I said, ‘like a chump.’


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  1. Ha! I have to say, female Lucie the me a little, but then all angels are male anyway, right? And angles are pretty. lol

    I loved the double twist!


    Comment by ganymeder — June 25, 2016 @ 10:30 pm | Reply

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